Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rough night

Little C is such a sweetheart!  I know he was sick and miserable last night but it has become clear that he was getting Hubby and I ready for life with a newborn again.  Yeah, isn't that great?!?  Our poor little guy was up every hour on the button then started sleeping in 2 hour chunks.  I had forgotten what it was like getting up that frequently and it was a harsh realization of what's to come in January.

Hubby and I took turns each time the monitor lit up with the sounds of crying.  At one point Little C was inconsolable and it took the two of us attempting to calm him down.  Dad has the magic touch and was able to soothe C back to sleep.

The three of us had a rough night but luckily the fever broke and our son woke up looking better and clearly feeling better than yesterday.  Of course Hubby and I woke up looking worse and feeling worse than we did yesterday due to sleep deprivation.  Luckily neither of us are sick so off to work we went leaving our recovering toddler with Grammy. 

I hope this day flies by and I hope I can pull it together here to get through my workload! Maybe I should splash cold water on my face or something.  Otherwise...

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