Friday, June 17, 2016

Breathing you in

You are three and a half years old. A whisper and a wild fire all at once. You can go from sugary sweet to extremely feisty in a matter of seconds. And don't get me wrong, when I say "feisty" I mean that in the most endearing way (most days).

You rarely sit still. A very busy girl with so much to see and do. Twirling, jumping, walking, running, climbing... A constant ball in motion. You also talk very well for a three year old, if I do say so myself. The things that come out of your mouth are often times hilarious. And not in that innocent, cute toddler way, but in a very intentional "I meant for that to be funny" kind of way. You know your audience and you enjoy making others laugh.

Getting you to sit still is nearly impossible and the rare moments that you do, your father and I always run to take your temperature because we assume surely you don't feel well. Your spunk, and zest for life is something we try not to stifle. I say we can't get you to sit still but honestly? We stopped trying a long time ago because it's not you. You need to be doing something all. the. time.

But there are rare moments. As much as you love to always be on the go, you have learned that it comes with a price. You take more tumbles and falls from your daring feats that can sometimes leave you in tears. You run to the nearest parent and you nestle in for long lasting hugs and snuggles as we dry the tears from your plump little cheeks.

The other rare moment is the one that I love the most and never want to forget. It is first thing in the morning. The sound of your little feet shuffling on the floor. Your hair in a tousled blonde mop, cheeks bright pink with warmth from your slumber. Your "lovie du jour" under one arm and your trusty steed "blankorie" (your pink blanket) secured directly in your mouth for comfort. You come to my side of the bed and I lift you in, draping you under our bedding to warm your cold little girl feet.

I usually move away the hair from your face with my fingers and I'm always amazed by how soft and wonderful your skin is. From your hair I move to trace an invisible path from your forehead, down your cheek and chin and a final swoop down the center of your nose. This is the moment that I get lost in your beautiful blue-green eyes and my heart is flooded with such intense feelings of love and adoration that I can barely contain it. How are you mine? How is this amazing little being my daughter?

It is the stillness of the early morning that I get to breathe you in. Together we are calm, quiet, and content. Of course, this moment is fleeting as your eagerness to start your day soon kicks in and you're bouncing all over the place. But that's just you, my dear, and I know full well that there will come a day where hopping into bed with me will not be on top of your priority list. But until that day comes, I'm going to keep soaking in these moments as much as possible.