Monday, July 30, 2012

My least favorite game...

Step right up!  It's time for another gripping rendition of... 

You have a sick baby. 
Now in the next 30 seconds you will have to decide: who can afford to not be at work more out of the two parents that both HAVE to be at work???   Aaaaannnnndd GO!

:: insert Jeopardy Music here ::

ME:  Well I have a huge client event this afternoon so I HAVE to go in but I could probably swing a late start...

HUBBY:  Well I HAVE to be in the office this morning to help out with a project and to be on my conference call...

ME:  Ok, so I'll stay home until your conf call is done and you can relieve me so I can get to the office and prepare for our event. 

HUBBY:  Sounds good.

:: Ding, ding!  Time's up! :: 

Little C is sick.  Again.  What is going on here?  Do we have him enrolled in the most unhealthy daycare known to man?  Do we take him to the most unsanitary park and sand box in all of Denver, Colorado?  Should we stop taking him to the Zoo, swimming, exploring, etc?  Do we live in squallier causing our child to get sick all the time?!?!?

I don't get it.  I wish someone could tell me if this is normal or not.  Everyone always says that the first year of a baby in full-time daycare is tough and to just hang in there.  "He's building up his immune system, he'll be the healthiest kid in kindergarten."  I sure hope everyone who keeps saying that is right.  I feel like it's always something with our little man and not having an idea why is hardest part. 

Today is an unexplained fever.  No puking (thank goodness).  No Rash.  Teething?  Possible.  Flu?  Doubtful.  Food allergy?  Some other type of allergy?  If the fever is still gracing us with its presence tomorrow there will definitely be another titillating round of my least favorite game AND a trip to the doc!

And to think, I had a whole bunch of super cute and fun pics to share from my weekend but now my day is cut short and I have to put on my best super fake smiley face for 50-60 of our top clients until 7pm tonight!  I've been up since 4:30am and all I want to do is be home with Little C and Hubby.  (sigh)  Oh well.  I can do this.  Plus... I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.

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