Friday, June 14, 2013

A Poem For the Father of My Children

A Father's Day Poem

Feeling hopeful and happy I peed on a stick
Confirmed in an instant, it happened so quick!
Parents to be, we gushed with pride,
Ready and waiting, we'd take our new roles in stride.

With a pregnant wife getting bigger by the day,
You were so supportive and always knew just what to say.
Your hand on my belly, baby would kick you,
We learned it was a BOY, our dreams had come true!

After hours of labor we welcomed our sweet lad,
And at that exact moment you became, DAD.
You scooped up your new son and held him so proudly,
Comforting him as he cried ever so loudly.

And so began your journey of fatherhood,
Balancing the demands, always doing the best you could.
Bottles, baths, and reading nursery rhymes,
But your favorite of all, the rough housing times!

Your son loved you so deeply right from the start,
That love reciprocated, the boy had your heart.

And speaking of heart, a new surprise headed our way...
A daughter up next, it was our lucky day!

Around your girl's finger you are wrapped forever tight,
You will love and protect her with all of your might.
Simply walk into the room and you make her whole day,
Falling asleep in your arms, she'd have it no other way.

Tantrum taming, poo-plosions, and puke,
You slay the hardships of parenting and this is no fluke.
You were born for this role, you have it locked up tight,
With every ouchie soothed and tender kiss good night.

You have a tiny shadow, C tries to be just like you,
Clomping around in your boots, copying all that you do.
He calls you Dadeo. Where'd that come from? Ideas, we have zero,
But there is no denying you are that boys hero.

As sweet baby P-Nut continues to grow,
So will the love for her father, this I surely know.

You see, all three of us adore you my handsome man,
How lucky are we that you are the head of this fam?

You do so much for all of us, words can't possibly describe,
How grateful and blessed I feel to have you by my side.
You may be asking why all the fuss? Why even bother?
I'll tell you my love, it's because you are ONE HELL of a FATHER!

I love you to pieces my sweet husband. I know we feel we've won the lottery with the two perfect babies we are blessed to call our own. But the truth is, they are the lucky ones because you are their Dad. I hope you know how loved you are and I hope this weekend is very special for you. You deserve it!

All my love,


  1. LOVE the poem and the pics, but MOREOVER, LOVE THE YZERMAN JERSEY!!! I'm from the Detroit area and Stevie's my Wing! Thank God you guys aren't Avalanche fans!!!

    1. HA!! You are funny! Yeah, my hubby was born and raised right here in Colorado but has been a hockey fan since he was a little boy. Obviously, the Avs weren't here yet but even when we did have a team he stayed loyal to his beloved Red Wings! I'll tell him you share the same sentiments. ;)