Friday, August 12, 2016

A Big (Small) Deal

Little C,
This has been your first full week of kindergarten. Can you believe it?!!? I can hardly believe it because it seems like just yesterday you were a tiny little baby. Now when I look at you I see an amazing boy who is more than ready to take on this exciting new chapter of his life. 

This kindergarten rite of passage is a big (small) deal for all of us. "Big" for the newness and big-boyness of it all. But "small" because you were so ready for this. Better prepared than most I would wager (but I'm not biased or anything). Also a small deal because it's a drop in the bucket compared to all of the important, life-changing milestones you have to look forward to throughout your years. 

It's also a big deal because in many ways we're sending you out into a big world after you've been in a shiny, happy daycare bubble for so long. With daily emails about what you ate and what activities you did that day, accompanied by fun photos of your smiling face. This week we've had to ask you what you learned about, who you talked to and if you're liking it. We've had to trust that you're getting on and off the school bus and where you're supposed to be in time for the start of school. We have to deal with the guilt of picking you up a little later than usual because we now have two school pick ups between your sister's daycare and your school. It's been an adjustment to say the least, but a positive one for sure!

The novelty of it all will wear off  in time but right now it really is an exciting new adventure for the whole family! You seem to be really enjoying the experience so far and you were even super excited to do your first homework. Of course your little sister proclaimed that she had to do her homework too and diligently colored in her 'Sofia the First' coloring book with crayons as you penciled in your math problems.

We were also very impressed with your first day of school experience. You were so ready and brave! We let you sleep in but you woke up much earlier than you usually do. I made your favorite big breakfast but you didn't eat as much as you usually do. I'm thinking both instances were the cause of anxious jitters but you handled it all so well.

We dropped off your sister first so your Dad and I could have you all to ourselves. :)  We took pics in front of the school then got in line where instructed. You clutched your dad's leg tightly as we waited for the word that we needed to say our official goodbyes. When it was time we each bent down so all of us were eye-to-eye and gave giant hugs. Then we did our family chant with hands stacked on top of each other's, "Go Scott's, Go!" At this point I felt a lump in my throat and knew it was time for you to venture inside.

You followed the line of other little five year olds wearing giant back packs with faces of slight apprehension. After a few steps away from us you looked back and said, "bye mom and dad!" You took a few more steps farther away from us and turned back once more for another wave and good bye. Then you disappeared through the giant doors and it was over. Of course, when your father looked back at me by this point I had tears pooled in my eyes and after one blink a couple ran down my face. Not because I was sad, but because I just love you so gosh darn much that the very thought of how proud and happy I am to be your mother takes by breath away and can easily bring me to tears. And the fact that you are starting a new phase of your childhood on top of how much I love you was definitely enough to bring the water works for your dear 'ole ma.

The whole experience was another first for the three of us just like every first we've had since the day you were born. As our first born child you will find the three of us, (heck!) even the four of us, will be going through things a bit blindly. Navigating each new experience together will be a thrill but a challenge at the same time. This was our first big (small) deal and there will be plenty ahead of us bigger or smaller than this. All that matters is we'll do it together. Team Scott, right?

All I know is that your first day and week of kindergarten has been a huge success and we are so excited for what's ahead. Go Scott's, Go!

I love you,