Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

A better title for this post would be, "the many ways to keep your kids entertained during a snow storm." I use the term "snow storm" loosely here because it really didn't get as bad as the meteorologists said it was going to. The snow did stack up but nothing as crazy as they predicted, at least not in our neck of the woods. ;)

The weekend started off right with a date night sans kids. My parents took them for an overnight visit so we were able to go to happy hour and sleep in the next day! Score! 

We tackled all of our errands Saturday morning before the kids arrived back home and before the snow really started to fall. The kids were a bit out of sorts from their fun night with the grands and getting them down for naps was a legit struggle. Little Miss cried and cried for like and hour straight before finally falling asleep and Little C ended up not napping at all. 

So this was about the time that we initiated Activity #1 for our home-bound weekend. Then after each activity wore out we'd have the next one lined up. Here's how it roughly played out from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening...

Library books

Painting... on paper.

Painting on little toes!

Movie night snuggles

Tent and tunnel fun

"Camping" - because roughing it usually contains chicken nuggets 
and a portable DVD player so you can watch Team UmiZoomi. ;)

Baking cookies. 

We had a great time and there are even plenty of activities that I didn't get pics of. What you also don't see here are the many instances where bro and sis would get lost in a game of there own. For the better part of Sunday they had to entertain themselves while Hubs and I did chores around the house. I am so thankful that the two of them enjoy each other so much! Their laughter fills the house and my mama heart. :)

The only thing we didn't do was playing out in the snow. Reason numero uno, it was not even 20 degrees outside and I wasn't thrilled about having them out when it was that cold. And secondly, as sweet and lovely as my kids are most of the time, they have their moments and Little C caused enough trouble to lose the privilege of going outside. I hate taking things or privileges away from him but I think it would be worse if all I had were empty threats. Yes?

Overall, it was a lovely weekend. Even though we stayed indoors, we still had a great time!

What did you do over the weekend? How was the weather in your area?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day Recap

Did you have a good weekend? I know it's Tuesday but since I had President's day off, today is my Monday. But it's better than a Monday because it's really Tuesday! #captainobvious

Anywho, I had a really great three-day weekend. I think it helped that Valentine's Day was on Saturday and we were able to do some fun things with the kids. We weren't able to secure a sitter for an adult night out, apparently all the grandparents have lives of their own with adult plans of there own. Can you believe it?!?! Of course it was not a big deal at all and we spent the national day of love at home with our sweeties. 

I purchased the kids some simple little gifts which they loved. I hit up Target and was able to get everything for about $20 total! The red fox and cute little hedgehog were the big winners. I love how my kids are still at the age where a simple stuffed animal makes them smile! Plus, Little Miss keeps referring to her hedgehog as a "porcupine" which is all kinds of adorable. 

I made heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast then we headed off to the park to meet up with some friends. We spent a solid three hours playing outside which made for two worn out kids ready for solid naps. Hubs and I watched House of Cards (we're almost done with season 2) and were able to rest ourselves. 

Then we capped things off with heart-shaped pizzas to keep up with our food theme of the day.

Dinner was followed by a family movie (The Croods) and strawberry milkshakes! It truly was an awesome little day. I genuinely love getting the kids little surprises as well as taking the time to make the heart-shaped food. It wasn't necessary in the slightest but it is something as a Mommy that makes me incredibly happy to do. 

Did you have a good Valentine's Day? A good weekend? Do you enjoy the fun little details for holidays with your kids? 

Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

Did January fly by for you as well? It seriously was a blink of an eye! 

I have to give myself some major pats on the back for my first round of monthly goals. I am loving this concept because it motivated me to stick with my plan and tackle everything on the list. Here's a recap:
  1. Finish reading Gone Girl - Done. I finished reading this on Friday (I was cutting it close) AND watched the movie that night. I was so very disappointed! In my humble opinion, worst ending to a book ever! Plus, since it took me for-ev-er to actually read the dang thing, imagine my displeasure when the ending didn't feel at all worth it. Oh, well. I thought the movie was done well but knowing how it was going to end was hard. I made Hubs watch it with me and let's just say he was also not impressed. 
  2. Lose 5 lbs - Done. This was a challenge. My weight would fluctuate day-to-day and we don't have the most accurate scale at home. In fact I tried to go a bit past the 5 lb mark just to make absolute sure I got there. But nonetheless, I did it!
  3. Exercise at least 3 times a week - So close. The first week was only twice. Crazy work schedule and crazy life schedule got in the way. But the rest of the weeks I killed it! I even woke up super early one day knowing I wouldn't get to workout at work and squeezed in a Jillian Michaels DVD. There is nothing harder than a 5:30am Jillian Michaels workout. She is good!
So for February here's what I'm after:
  1. Get an accurate scale. Self explanatory. 
  2. Lose 5 lbs. Also, self explanatory. Although to keep the initial 5 off then lose another, is making me a bit nervous. But the beach wedding in July is motivating me to keep at it!
  3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. Can't stop, won't stop.
  4. Get through my Series 6 study guide. I have to take (and pass) this test for my role at the new job. If you're in the Financial Services industry then you know what this is. I'm going to shoot for taking the test at the end of March. If you're not in the Financial Services industry then you're lucky that you don't have to take this test! This one isn't the hardest out there but it is a bear, and while retaining the information is something I'm not worried about, it's the exam itself I'm dreading. Test anxiety like whoa. But I now officially have ten years of industry experience so I'm hoping this won't be too huge of a deal. 
Wish me luck! What are your goals for the month?