Thursday, June 4, 2015

Are You Sick, Mama?

I'm home sick with a stomach bug that struck me in the middle of the night. It was gut-wrenchingly awful and there was no way I could make it into work this morning. So I did what I could to help get the kids ready for the day and while we were waiting for Hubs to get himself ready for daycare drop off I slumped down on the couch while the kids ate their morning granola bars.

"Are you sick, mama?" My daughter asked with a very concerned look on her face. I told her I had a tummy ache. She picked up her sippy cup and offered me a drink. When I said "no thank you," she then lifted up her granola bar and asked if I wanted a bite to feel better. I once again declined her adorable offer and then she decided to sit down next to me on the couch.

Meanwhile my son already sitting on the couch with me said through bites of his granola bar, "you know, mom... if your tummy hurts you should really be gluten free like me." "You should have a gluten free lunch today, it will make you feel better." I smiled through the stomach cramps and told him what a good idea that was.

And if my heart wasn't swollen enough, my daughter began to rub my back and tell me to feel better. She even started to brush my hair resting on my shoulder gently back behind my ear.

These kids.

These wonderful, darling little human beings. How did we get so lucky to call them ours? Their personalities are so very unique and different, yet they share the same sweetness and thoughtfulness. I don't know if we have any business taking credit as parents for this trait or if this is simply the fiber of their make up. But either way... I am so damn proud of my kids.

At the very young ages of only 4 and 2 they are smart, show signs of coordination and athleticism, they have a sense of humor and if my encounter today was any evidence at all, they are also good people.

I write all of this to not be braggadocious, after all everyone's kids are special and we could all write posts like this every day. I wrote this as a time capsule of sorts to capture a moment that filled my heart with so much happiness. I've been replaying it in my head all day and can't wipe the silly grin from my face. That is, when I'm not feeling like crap... stomach bug you can kindly be done now, thanks.

Oh, Little C and Lil Miss Mayhem, thanks for making your mama feel better!

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