Friday, August 3, 2012

P-Nut is... a....

GIRL!!!   I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!  Even though I envisioned a boy I just knew we were having a girl.  The wives tales proved correct with this little nut in that I have been a hormonal wreck and everything has seemed different from Little C's pregnancy. 

I'm excited to have a daughter but I fear that having a girl comes with a different set of responsibilities.  In this day and age there are so many awful things out there that I will want to protect her from.  There is no longer a lasting sense of innocence with children (boys or girls) and I will want to protect that too!  I will want to make sure she is surrounded by as many positive female role models as possible.  Then there are the hormones, the teenage years and I cringe at the thought of her hating me some day. 

But as my friend K pointed out, there are so many fun years before they break away and "hate" their mommies.  There will be a time when we are best buds and super close.  I get to buy cute girl clothes and enjoy decorating her nursery.  I get to be open and honest with her and pass along all of my wisdom I've gathered from my life experiences.  HA!  God help her! 

Will she want to be a dancer like I was?  Will she be more into sports?  Will she simply love and adore her big brother and vise verse?  Little C looks a lot like me, will P-Nut take on Hubby's good looks?  So many fun things lie ahead.  I admit the unknown is always a bit hard for me and although I am a teensy bit nervous, I'm also looking forward to meeting my baby girl.   

I have a daughter. 

:: tearing up :: 


  1. oh man, that 'tearing up' part is making me tear up! not even kidding. a girl. a GIRL. Yay! I'm off to go search girl names. I'm thinking Tiffany ...

    1. Thanks, Tiff! I'll keep your name on the list! ;)