Friday, August 10, 2012

So far today...

I hit the snooze button one extra time.

I forgot to put my suit and Hubby's work clothes in the dryer even as they sat there staged and awaiting said dryer placement (we do this every morning to freshen up our clothes, de-wrinkle if necessary and just because we've always done it. Anyone else do this?)

I spent countless minutes digging through a bag searching desperately for an item that was already nuzzled firmly in my hand.  It took me countless minutes to realize this.

I took my suit out of the dryer and failed to keep the dryer going for Hubby's clothes.

Realized I forgot to load up coolers in my car for a golf event I have for work.  As I was already running late this was not a fun realization.

I bonked Little C's head on the car while putting him into his carseat.

I fielded a call from Hubby reminding me that I forgot to leave a check that we needed to get out today.

I was convinced that Facebook was lying to me when it said today was a friend's birthday.  "Their birthday is August 10th!" I exclaimed via text to Hubs.  He replied, "today is August 10th."


I've got pregnancy allotted coffee in one hand and my workload in the other.  With my absent mind and droopy eyes I will get through this day.  Wish me luck!  I'm gonna need it.

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