Monday, August 20, 2012

Toddler Dinners

I have a guest post over at Mannly Mama today!  I absolutely adore Brandy's blog.  She is a wonderful writer, hilarious, and always has wonderful tips to share on motherhood, womanhood, and life in general.  I stumbled upon her blog when I wanted to find ideas for Little C's dinners.  While searching I came across 'Toddler Dinners.'  It was awesome to get new dinner ideas for our toddler. 

"The Mann clan" just welcomed their second baby boy, Oliver, and as you can imagine, Brandy has her hands full.  I noticed that she was looking for people to fill her Toddler Dinner spot while she is tending to Ollie's needs and I jumped at the opportunity!  Check out my post on weeknight cooking and be sure to check out Brandy's blog!

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