Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was spent tackling a killer list of house projects/chores.  We enlisted the help of my parents to watch Little C on Saturday so we could buckle down and get as much done as possible.  By the time the afternoon rolled around we were up to our eyeballs with "stuff" and found ourselves calling my folks to see if they could just keep C overnight.  They said, "I guess... if we HAVE to."  Ha!!  They were thrilled to keep him overnight and I could hear Little C having a blast in the background so I know he didn't mind either.

Hubby and I accomplished so much that day, I still can't  believe it.  I can't believe we were able to get it all done AND I can't believe my pregnant body held out as long as it did.  I definitely was sore by the end of the night and even into Sunday but it was worth it!  Here's what we accomplished:
  1. Deep-cleaned and rearranged our guest bedroom.
  2. Gutted out completely and deep cleaned the office which will now be P-Nut's room.
  3. Hubby moved all of the items from our old office room to another room and he manged to set everything up with no problems.  
  4. Piled a bunch of 'junk' into our garage for the Junk Man to haul off
  5. Sorted through tons of our 'stuff' and ended up with many bags of items to either giveaway or that wound up in the trash.  We were determined to be cut-throat when it came to deciding on what to keep.  
  6. We cleaned out our bedroom dressers and closets once again being very cut-throat about what clothes we kept and which we gave away.  The back of Hubby's car is filled with bags to take to Goodwill.  
  7. I finished putting up all of my fall decorations and we even decorated Little C's playroom with awesome wall art that we inherited.  
It felt incredibly good to purge as much as we did, organize and clean the crap out of everything!  We finally wrapped everything up around 7pm.  Since Little C was at his grandparents we gathered up what little energy we had left, we cleaned ourselves up and went OUT TO DINNER.  Yeah!  Like a date.  Like two adults out in public, on a weekend, after 8 o'clock!  I can't even remember the last time we did that.  We were so tired and the longer we sat in that booth the stiffer our tired, sore bodies became but it was so nice.

I fell asleep around 10pm and since we were Little C free my mind and body must have been dying to "shut off" the way it did... I slept until 9am!!!  Yes.  You read correctly.  9am!  It was bliss and so very needed.

We picked up Little C from my parents and spent the rest of Sunday doing laundry, relaxing, and playing with our son.  The weather was so beautiful so we also headed out for a walk and a trip to the park. 

C is currently obsessed with Mickey Mouse and he loves wearing that hat! It cracks me up!

It was a great weekend, indeed!  Now our next big project is turning this...

Into an inviting, cozy, soft, and significantly brighter, baby girl nursery.  I can't wait for it to all come together!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  What did you do?

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