Monday, October 8, 2012

Time to take action!

My business trip to Omaha was great!  Another good conference and all of us that attended are feeling energized and inspired to implement some new ideas.  I also had a great experience as a panelist for one of the breakout sessions.  I think we all did a good job sharing with our peers what systems we have in place that work the best for our firms.  It was a proud moment for me and there is already talk of having us do it again at the spring conference!  In case you were wondering... my sciatic nerve behaved itself and I was not a red-faced, sweaty mess!  Phew!

Now the hard part will be to take all of the new ideas we gathered from Omaha and decide which to take action on, what action is required and whether or not we can stick with it.  My boss will admit he is not good with staying on track when it comes to implementation.  That is why he hired me.  I am the opposite of him and that makes us a good team.  He is Type A all the way!  He has a million great ideas but can't hone in the focus to make it happen.  I feel like I am a Type A/B.  Is there such a thing?  I have traits from each side and I make things happen.  Side note: Do you feel like you have a "work you" and an "outside of work you?"  I feel like I am nauseatingly organized and efficient in my work life but at home I am much more relaxed about it.  However, the planner in me never really changes from work to home.  I must have a plan. for. everything.  And I mean everything.    

I am looking forward to sifting through my notes from the past few days and taking action in the areas that need it.  Good things are happening at work right now and as I mentioned in my last post, that makes it all worth it and helps bring balance to my life. 

I hope you are getting fulfillment from your work life and if you are a struggling, I hope that changes for you real soon.  For me it definitely ebbs and flows and I'm currently in a "flow mode."  Let's hope it lasts! 

So what's your work style?  Type A or Type B?  Is there a "work you" and an "outside of work you?" 

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