Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Omaha, Nebraska... here I come!

I'm leaving an a business trip today to the beautiful and wondrous Omaha, Nebraska.  I've been attending this conference since 2007 and have grown quite fond of Omaha.  Of course I've only been to the same hotel and convention center and two restaurants in the last five years, but quite fond indeed. 

Leaving is bittersweet because it will be hard to be away from my guys but I'm also very excited for this trip.  Plus, Little C will probably not be too concerned I'm not there.  Hubby is his favorite person, remember?

This conference is extra special because I've been asked to sit on a panel with four other people as an "expert" fielding questions about how I run our firm.  Isn't that exciting!!  I feel honored that they asked me to do it and I feel proud that my hard work is getting recognized.  The added bonus is that my pen pal (remember her?) will sit on the panel as well!  Yup, we're a pretty big deal.

:: dusting off shoulders::

As far as my career goes this is what it's all about.  This is what gets me jazzed up and excited about the work that I do.  This is when it seems worth all of the juggling and time away from my baby... and Little C! ;) This is what I'm good at.  I enjoy being a leader and I enjoy helping/coaching people.  That is exactly what I will get the opportunity to do at this conference. 

Plus... {and this is where I get super cheesy} I get to take P-Nut with me!!  I hope that I will make her proud as I sit up in front of a ballroom full of people, pregnant as can be with an air of professionalism and confidence.  Just because we are women, moms, or pregnant, doesn't mean we can't kick some business booty!  That's right.  I said, business booty.  How's that for professionalism?!? Ha!

So off I go!  Super pumped and feeling pretty proud.  Now if we could all just send positive vibes my way that my sciatic nerve gives me a break and my hormones cool off and don't have me sweating profusely as I will already be a bit nervous for my presentation.  I certainly will not be the vision of professionalism and confidence that I hope to be if I'm walking into the ballroom like a 90 year old, all red-faced and sweaty!  That would not be cool.  And as you all know by now, being cool is my forte. 


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