Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can I go to daycare too?

Here we are one day closer to Friday (I just thought I'd share that with you in case you didn't know). I'm so NOT in the mood for work today. How 'bout you? I'm having one of those days where leaving my son at daycare was no fun at all!

Not because he was crying for me with outstretched arms and not wanting to leave my side, it is because he was in a super cute mood and I'd rather stay and play with him instead of tackle my action items here at work. How awesome would that be?!? I think I would love daycare!!

For starters when we walked in the room breakfast was being served. Warm mini bagels with cream cheese and some banana on the side. I may be 100 times too large for the tiny table and chairs but I'd figure out a way to make it work. I'd sit with the kids and listen to them babble with each other and I'd babble right back.

I'd sit real still and listen during story time. I'd play nice and share with the other kids during play time. I'd just sit and relax when they take us outside because being outside in the middle of the day on a weekday, would be too good to be true! I'd revel in art time and I'd eat all my veggies at lunch. You better believe when the lights went out for nap I wouldn't make a fuss and I'd sleep like I was getting paid to do it!

After nap I'd enjoy my snack and be sure to thank the teachers for what a good job they are doing. They of course would love me because I'd be such a good "kid" AND because I would not require frequent diaper changes. Then I would sing my little heart out during song time and wait patiently for my Hubby to pick me up. When he would come into the room I'd scream, "HUBBY!!!" and run up to him as he'd scoop me up into his arms. It wouldn't be weird at all.

Yes, that sounds so much better than work today. (sigh) Instead I will tackle my action items and will be productive even though what I really want to do is throw my papers off my desk, plunge myself onto the floor, kicking and screaming, "I DON'T WANNA!!" Do you think I'd get a time out?

What's your motivation meter at today? If it's like mine here's hoping the day goes fast! If you are already kicking butt and taking names can you send some of that vibe my way? Thanks!


  1. Ok, so speaking of "I don't wanna" ... just yesterday I was literally stomping my feet. Like stomping! I didn't even realize it until Dan told me to quit acting like I was 5. Oops.

    1. I've totally done that! And, I get even more frustrated when I'm told I shouldn't be as frustrated as I am!