Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh, Monday...

Once again, Monday, you've come all too quickly. Here in Colorado you've also left the glorious, perfect fall weather of the weekend behind you and have greeted us with a dreary, drizzley day. Just your presence, dear Monday, is as much fun as a stiff poke in the eye. How do you do it? How do you single-handedly make so many of us dread the very thought of you? How do you effortlessly jerk us back to reality after spending such a lovely weekend away from our daily grinds?

Just so we are on the same page, I am not your biggest fan.  Friday and I? We're tight!  Saturday and Sunday are my besties! As for you? You are the day that I "get through." Some times you even set the tone for my week. Lets take today for example. It's early and so far you have been kind. I'm going to ride those coattails all the way till 5 o'clock! Please share your kindness with others today and give us all a break. I know what you are capable of and ask that you keep all antics, mishaps, and misfortunes to yourself and let us all get through this day pain free. Pretty please???

I'm so glad we've had this talk and I hope there are no hard feelings. You are what you are and I am what I am...  pregnant, hormonal and not up for any of your shit!

Thank you kindly,
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