Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall in!

Fun Fact: I love fall!

I know, I know, who doesn't??? I love how people proclaim they love fall like they're the only one's. I mean, what's NOT to love? The weather, the colors, the coziness, the clothes (jeans and boots, hooray!), things tasting like pumpkin, football. It's all easy to love.

But my most favorite thing about fall is this...

To the naked it eye it appears to be a table full of crap. But to me, it is pure bliss!

Fun Fact #2: I love to decorate my house according to season. My mom always did it growing up and I would love to help her get the items out of the boxes and put the signature pieces in their designated spots. Even in college I worked at a craft store (where I acquired most of my treasured items) and I would decorate our college house. My roommates didn't mind and I always felt it made the carnage of empty beer cans and dirty dishes piled high in the sink seem more "homey" and inviting.

I think I like my fall collection the best but it very well could be a tie for first with Christmas. My spring/Easter decorations take a very close second. Yes, I've just rated my decorations. You guys, they seriously get me giddy just thinking about them. Just this weekend I told Hubby how lucky he was that this is the kind of stuff that makes me happy. Not handbags, designer jeans or jewelry. Just give me a cooking magazine and a new home craft or decoration and I am in heaven!

Here is a brief glimpse into my cozy fall abode...

I also have a door hanger very similar to this that has a turkey on it. It will get switched out after Halloween.

I got this pumpkin candle holder in Evergreen, Colorado when my mom and I had a Mother/Daughter day. She also gave me the witch candlesticks. Most of my items are special to me because of the memories I have or the people that gave them to me.

These pumpkins are probably one of my most favorite finds!! My husband actually spotted them while we were out shopping one day. I love their textures.

I found these witches boots at the same store I found the pumpkins. I couldn't resist!

These little marbles have got to be the cutest things EVER!

I put them in this candle holder and after Halloween replace them with tiny pine cones and acorns. Don't worry, the candle is an LED light and not a real candle. These sit on a shelf that Little C could get to if he really tried so nothing burning is within his reach.

Who's dinning room table doesn't look better with a cornucopia on it?

And that's not even the half of it! Those are just a few of my favorite items. I forgot to take a picture of our mantle and bookcases. I know you are devastated and I apologize profusely. ;)

Just wait for the Christmas tour! Are you on the edge of your seat?!?

Now if only we can convince our GIGANTIC tree in the front hard to start changing its leaves already!

It's a doozy once they all finally fall. I just wish they'd get a move on before the cold weather comes!

So are you a decoration geek like I am? Do you enjoy changing it up with each season? Are your trees already bare and leaves raked? If so, I'm jealous! Our tree is such a tease!

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