Friday, July 6, 2012

My Week in a Nutshell

That makes me think of the Austin Powers movie where he imitates being in a nutshell.  Remember that???

Anyway, back to the topic at hand...  This has been a fun week!  My company was a sponsor for the USTA Women's Professional Tennis Tournament also called the Colorado Classic.  Since I am in charge of our marketing and event coordination I was able to volunteer all week at this event.  I enjoyed being out of the office and in the sunshine!  Even though I was working pretty hard and sweltering in the heat, overall it was a nice change of pace from sitting at a computer all day under fluorescent office lighting. 

Do you play tennis?  My mom had me in lessons when I was a kid and I remember enjoying it but it wasn't something I was passionate about and I haven't played since.  I don't really know much about it and never watch the big-draw tournaments on TV.  I had to learn about it pretty quick this week because I had to run onto the courts to fill ice bins, replenish water, drop off clean towels, etc.  You only have 30 seconds of break time where it is possible to do this!  At first I was so nervous and trying to be quiet but once I got the hang of things and realized how fast 30 seconds can go...  I was tearing it up! By the end I was an ice refilling pro!

Speaking of Pro's...  These women tennis players are amazing athletes!  Not only are they physically stunning, their talent on the court is equally impressive.  The speed at which the ball is flying back and forth, the force behind their swing and how effortlessly they move from one corner of the court to another, it is all so fun to watch!  It made me want to take lessons and give tennis another swing.  (Ha, get it??  Swing!  I kill myself!)

Also in the mix this week was 4th of July.  It happens to be my grandpa's birthday and he celebrated 84 years on Wednesday.  My parents had the whole family over for a BBQ.  When I say whole family, I'm talking 24 adults and 4 babies!  My entire extended family lives here in Colorado.  Thankfully, my parents have a gigantic backyard perfect for hosting a summer soiree.  The babies played in the kiddy pool and water table while the adults visited under the shade and we all ate and drank until we were merry!

And speaking of nutshells...  within the shell you find a peanut and within my belly you will also find a P-Nut! :)  Today I go for my 12 week check-up (although I'm now 13weeks along).  I'm officially on the last week of the 1st Trimester!  Woot!  I still don't have much of a bump and I'm able to button my pants but things are getting snug around the waist I have a feeling in the next week or so the belly band will be coming out to play! 

This is always a difficult stage for me because I can't wait for the bump to show and it feels like it is taking forever!  Whenever I see another pregnant woman with her beautiful bump I want to run up to her and declare, "I'm pregnant too!!"  But I refrain.  At least today I get to hear P-Nut's heartbeat and that always makes me smile.

I hope you all had a great week and you have a great weekend as well! 

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