Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things I am Loving About Today

  1. I have a guest post at Mile High Mamas.  Woot!
  2. It's hump day!  We're half way there people.
  3. It's a bit overcast and lovely this morning and they are calling for rain later.  Any break from the heat is a very welcome thing.
  4. Little C has started playing this new game in the car for the drive to daycare.  He blows a raspberry and when I reciprocate he bursts out laughing.  Of course it is repeated many, many times.  It makes me smile and warms my heart.
  5. I have a pretty light day here at work.  Not a single client is coming in and after running around at a tennis tournament the past few days I am looking forward to catching up and working at my own pace.

Things I am NOT loving about today:
  1. It's only hump day.... wishing it were Friday.
  2. I have developed a very terrible habit of pulling into the drive thru Starbuck's conveniently located next to daycare and there is never a line.  This is dangerous and wonderful all at the same time and must be stopped.   
  3. I discovered a stain on my shirt after pulling into the office.
  4. I have to go to a Thyroid specialist today.  Apparently my thyroid readings are a bit wonky and you can't take any chances with that stuff when you're pregnant.  This happened when I was pregnant with Little C and there ended up being nothing to worry about.  Apparently my "normal" is ever so slightly out of the text book normal range.  But my doctors won't let me slide and I now have to pay an arm an a leg to see a specialist who I know will tell me I am fine however, she wants to keep monitoring me therefore causing me to keep paying an arm and a leg to continue seeing her so she can continue to tell me I am fine.  (sigh)  I am honestly just hoping with all my might that I am fine and that there isn't an issue and of course I will gladly pay a specialist to make sure my health and my baby's health is all good. 
  5. I had to leave Little C at daycare and come to work.  I don't know whats harder... leaving him when he is crying with outstretched arms or when he is in such a fun and cute mood and all I want to do is stay and play with him.  :( 
How is your day going so far?  Did you have to leave a little one(s) at daycare today?  What are you loving or not loving about today?

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