Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Hey there!  Are you draggin' your waggon like me today?  I'm not sure why, I went to bed early and slept pretty solid.  I thought since I'm currently in the second trimester that I was going to get my energy back...  still waiting...

We had an interesting weekend.  Little C started fussing in the middle of the night on Friday and when I went in to check on him he was burning up with a fever.  I gave him some Tylenol and soothed him back to sleep.  When he woke up the fever was virtually gone and he was in great spirits!  We had planned on going for a hike Saturday morning and since he appeared to be better we packed up and hit the dusty trail.  We chalked the fever up to teething, which has been kicking our little guy's butt lately. :(

The hike was lovely.  We tested out our new toddler hiking back pack and it was a success.  Hubby said it wasn't that heavy and Little C seemed to be enjoying himself saying "hi" to anyone that approached us and then "bye" as they walked past.   The trail was nice and easy and it followed along a creek which we stopped to wade in for a few.  We even spotted some tadpoles.  When was the last time you saw tadpoles?!?  The geeky scientist in me was giddy with excitement and I can't wait for when Little C is a bit older to get giddy with me.  He's at an age where the tadpoles meant nothing to him but the stick he found in the water was like GOLD!!

Once we arrived home we fed our sweet little adventurer and that was when we realized it wasn't teething that had him out of whack...  it was a stomach bug.  He made an awful gagging sound and I immediately rushed to his side and without even thinking I cupped my hand under his chin and...  Needless to say it wasn't pretty!  By the way, cupping one's hands under the chin of another and expecting those hands to contain whatever is spewing out is a very ridiculous thing to assume.  :-/

So Little C was down for the count as he couldn't keep anything down the rest of the day and his fever returned with vengeance.  He went to bed at his normal time of 7:30pm and he slept until 9:45am!!!!!!!!!!!  Guys, that NEVER happens.  My son is a human alarm clock that will wake up at 6:30am no matter what time he went to bed or what kind of night sleep he had.  6:30am on. the. button.  His poor little body needed to recoup.  He even took nearly a 3 hour nap on top of it!  His appetite was back yesterday and everything stayed where it was supposed to.  Phew!

Today he is back in tip top shape and was ready for daycare.  Now if only I had the same enthusiasm as he did this morning, and I wasn't even sick over the weekend!  (sigh)  I hope I shake this "case of the Mondays" soon.  Especially because in a small four person office, two of my co-workers are on vacation.  So I'm off to get my pregnancy allotted amount of coffee for the day which I have a feeling I'm going to need!  I'm already putting out fires.  Kind of wishing I was at daycare with my son.  Singing songs, eating snacks, taking naps, doesn't that sound heavenly?

I hope your week is starting off on the right foot.  Did you have a good weekend? 

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  1. yep, definitely draggin' my waggon today. ;)
    sooo glad little C is better! a sick kid is the worst. stuff is definitely going around. this summer has been horrible.