Thursday, July 12, 2012

The things that keep me up at night...

Last night I could not shut my brain off!  I was so tired and knew I had to fall asleep soon or else I'd be pooped today.  Sure enough, I am.  But oh well, must soldier on!  As I tossed and turned in bed the my inner dialogue went a little something like this:

1)  I need a new pillow.  Mine is flat and annoying.

2)  I forgot to lay out my suit for the next day.  "I can't forget to grab it out of the closet when I wake up," was repeated many times in my head in hopes it would be the first thing I thought of this morning.  It wasn't.  The first thing I thought of this morning was, "holy crap, I'm tired!"

3)  I think I forgot how to swaddle a newborn.  This gem of a thought started to get me worried.  Will P-Nut be miserable and uncomfortable because his stupid mama should know how to swaddle a baby?!?  This one was eating at me so I even said it out loud at probably the exact minute Hubby had begun to doze off.  He reassuringly told me that he remembers, he was positive I did too and to stop worrying.

4) Where will P-Nut sleep?!?!?!  This thought is not only haunting my nights but consuming most of my days as well.  We live in a tri-level and the master bedroom and the nursery are on the top floor.  The idea of having Baby Boy sleep all the way downstairs is unfathomable to me.  So does that mean they will share a room???  Won't that just rock Baby Boy's world even more than it is already going to be rocked???  Humph.  This one is hard.

5) I really want to give Baby Boy a new name on my blog.  I call him so many nicknames at home and P-Nut gets their own nickname.  Shouldn't Baby Boy get one too?  I call him Punky, Fussy Butt, Buddy, Stinka-Stinka, and I'm sure there are a few others.  But maybe I'll just call him Little C.  The fam calls him that occasionally and it will be less embarrassing for him as my blog really takes off and someday I'm syndicated and asked to write a book about my life or about the many topics that I am an expert on.

6) How do I get my blog to really take off?

7) Am I an expert on anything?  Definitely NOT swaddling.

8) I am an expert at giving nicknames AND following up said nicknames with their own special jingle.  Hubby has a ton, and each of Baby Boy's Little C's nicknames I mentioned has accompanying jingles.  But... you can't write a book about that.  Humph

9) I'm hot.

10) I'm uncomfortable.  Stupid pillow.

11) Why won't my stupid cat stop yapping his head off!!  What is he possibly meowing at?  I refuse to get up and see.   

12) I really need to go to sleep.  Ok, focus.  Count backward from 10 breathing deeply.  Inhale... 10... exhale... inhale... 9... exhale... inhale... 8... exhale...

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  1. Ha - sounds about like me, except I'm not pregnant. ;)
    My dang cat last night and at 5 am this morning - ugh!
    As for swaddling, it will all come back to you!