Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet 16, 5 spot, and Friday vibe

So my son will be 16 months old next week and I am currently on my 16th week of pregnancy.  Woot!  I can't believe it has already been 4 months and what is even harder to believe is that I only have 5 months to go!!  5 months can feel like plenty of time AND the blink of an eye. Gulp.

5 months before labor.  Double gulp. 

5 months to figure out sleeping arrangements, dig the newbie clothes out of the boxes, get the bottles back out, organize as much as possible and finish all the house projects that are looming over us. 

5 months to spend extra special quality time with Little C before he is no longer the baby on the block.  5 months to spend wondering if he is going to be ok with the new addition and how all of us are going to adjust. 

5 months to pick out the name, because it just might take us that long to figure it out!  Fun Fact: Hubby and I are both Gemini's so decision making can go round and round sometimes.

We can do it!  We will do it!  Within 5 months we will somehow work out all the details big and small and we will be ready to rock and roll when P-Nut graces us with his/her presence.

Speaking of rock and roll...  don't Fridays just put you in a rockin' mood?!?  I think most Fridays just have a certain "vibe" to them.  The end of another long week, the weekend on the horizon.  I'm stoked because my boss is in a chipper mood, which sets the tone for the whole office, and he will be in multiple appointments OUT of the office today.  In turn I am in a chipper mood and will be enjoying my quiet Friday.  I've already been told I get to leave early today and my father-in-law is picking Little C up from daycare to spend the afternoon with him so I will have a couple of hours to myself to squeeze in a workout.  This Friday is shaping out to be pretty great!  Now if only my bank account was as rockin' as my mood...  payday can be painful when you know the money coming in is on its way out!

But no!  I will not let that damper my mood today.  Nothin' is gonna break my stride!

Happy Friday, friends!  


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