Monday, May 21, 2012

Some days... I just don't wanna!

Some days, I don't want to be a key employee.  I don't want to be the glue that holds EVERYTHING together.  Some days I just want to do mindless tasks for eight hours such as make the coffee, bake the cookies, greet our clients, etc.  Some days, I don't want to hold everyone's hand as they get through the day and I want to tell them to put their big boys and girls pants on and deal with it themselves!

I don't want to be the person that my boss calls twice on Saturday and once on Sunday for stupid things that could have all waited until this morning.  I don't want to be the person that arranges for hubby to drop of Baby Boy to daycare instead of me, which is a morning routine I have grown to love, so I can get into work super early before anyone else to fix a so-called "major problem" with our server by simply unplugging a cord and re-plugging it back in!  Some days I don't want to be the ONLY PERSON capable of unplugging a cord and re-plugging it back in!  ARGH!!!

It's days like today that I have to remind myself how hard I've worked to get off of the front desk doing mindless tasks for eight hours.  How I've practically "built" the company I work for.  How every. single. thing. in this office is a product of my hard work and long hours.  How it is a testament to my character that I am my boss' right-hand, go-to person that keeps him on track and that helps this company be successful.  I have to remember that I am fortunate to have a solid job working for a neurotic nice guy.  I get to work with the most amazing clients whom I've grown to love and who consider me their go-to person as well because I can always help them out.

Being a key employee is something to be proud of and I don't want my venting session to seem as though I am ungrateful for any of it.  It's just that some days...


  1. amen.
    you just said what so many of us {sometimes} think and {often} feel.
    keep that head up ... it will pay off. pleeeease tell me it will pay off? ;)

  2. so so true! I could have written this post word for word!

    I'm with thecoffeehouse, please tell me it will pay off! ;)