Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exciting News!!!

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I am super excited to announce I am a guest blogger on Mile High Mamas today!  In fact, I'm told I will have a guest spot once a month.  Woot, woot!  Mile High Mamas is a community resource for Colorado moms and I couldn't be prouder to have a guest spot on their site.  If you want to check out my post, click here

Additionally, being that I was having a bad day when I wrote my original post on this topic, I just wanted to say I am in no way implying that I think all stay-at-home-mom's are better than me.  I was directing all of my frustration toward a stupid comment my co-worker made.  Conversely, I do not believe that I am better than stay-at-home-mom's because I work full-time.  No "mommy wars" here! 

Lastly, If you do venture over to Mile High Mamas, you will see in my bio section that the cat is officially out of the bag!!  I'm pregnant!  I've been wanting to shout it from the rooftops for some time now but I have wanted to wait for my 8 week check-up.  Yes, it is still very early so I would appreciate all of the positive thoughts and energy you have to offer.  I'm at 7 1/2 weeks and this little P-Nut is kicking my butt!  I have so much to share with you over the coming weeks.  To say this has been an emotional 7 1/2 weeks is quite an understatement.  Bottom line, Hubby and I are thrilled to death and I can't wait for Baby Boy to be a big brother!

I told you turning 31 was bringing with it some big changes!  So far those changes consist of morning sickness, feeling so tired it hurts, and pure excitement.  The journey continues my friends... 


  1. Congratulations on your success!
    And I hope you feel better.