Friday, May 11, 2012

Are You Mom Enough?

Seriously?!?!?  You know what I am talking about.  That cover, with that title.  I am all for opening the dialogue and teaching people about different parenting styles, and the underlying message of the article itself is just fine.   But that cover, with that title!!!  It is just so. very. wrong.  In my humble opinion.

Women and mothers do not need one more reason to feel bad about themselves for not being "good enough" just they way they are or the way they choose to parent.  And who did they pick for the cover shot?  So NOT the image of an average breastfeeding mother.  A blonde bombshell in an un-nurturing pose.  When talking about a natural, bonding experience between a mother and a child they chose to depict a SEX SYMBOL.  Why, America????  Why????? 

I'm even mad at myself for venting about it right now because I know full well that I am feeding into exactly what they want.  But I just couldn't resist!  I support the article and the fact that it is attempting to inform people about attachment parenting and extended breastfeeding, but the title of the article is extremely offensive and the photo does nothing but put money into the pockets of TIME execs.  Shame on them!

The cover model has a very interesting blog, to say the least, and I have enjoyed following it from time to time.  She definitely has a unique parenting style and is a self-proclaimed narcissist, which she doesn't hide.  I personally don't connect with her methods and I can't say that I even connect with her too much, but I can't stop looking.  She is stunning and her blog depicts a life of fun and adventure.  I saw her interview on the Today show and I do have to give her credit for stating that this method of parenting isn't best for everyone. 

I certainly don't have anything against her or her parenting styles.  My problem is with that cover, and that title. Shame, shame!

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