Monday, September 10, 2012


Little C is still not 100%.  The weekend was spent trying every way imaginable to heal his diaper rash which is really, really bad.  The hardest part was that everything we tried ended up being futile because he was going #2 every hour, give or take. 

Our Pediatrician's office has put together the most comprehensive "handbook" of every ailment your child could have including detailed lists of remedies and things to try before calling the doctor. We have exhausted all of them...
  • Augmented his diet: the poor kid has only had bananas, applesauce, cooked carrots and pedialyte pretty much all weekend.
  • Kept him hydrated
  • Administered Probiotics: we mixed a powder into his pedialyte.  Did not see any results from this.
  • Gave him Imodium AD:  this was listed as a "last result" and to use cautiously.  We gave him the recommended dosage before bed but we still had to wake up with him once in the middle of the night for a diaper change.  We are going to see how he does after his bananas this morning and then  :: this post has been interrupted for yet ANOTHER diaper change!!  He's still going. ::  Hubby and I just gave him a second dose of Immodium.  Fingers crossed.
Diaper Rash methods consisted of:
  • Every spray, powder, and paste that was mentioned in the handbook, we heard from other moms and that we've had good experiences with in the past.  Nothing has helped.
  • We did let him run around naked to let air get to it and we even had him nap naked at one point but because of the frequency of which he was going it didn't work out too well.
  • The handbook as recommended poking holes in his diaper to let air in so we gave this a go as well. 
Next step is to call the doctor.

In other news, remember how I told you the Hubs and I wanted to work on managing our time more constructively?  Well we kicked our activity list in the arse this weekend despite having a sick toddler!!  It was nice to sit down yesterday evening to relax knowing how much we had accomplished.  Woot!

Lastly, it most certainly takes a village when it comes to having a sick baby.  Neither Hubby or I can take any days off as we are stock piling our PTO for when P-Nut arrives.  So the "sick baby shuffle" is in full swing.  On top of it all we have our 22 week ultrasound this morning and we don't want to miss it because rescheduling can be tricky.  So we've called in the troops!  My father-in-law is on duty the first half of the day and then my Aunt who is a nanny and a doula is free this afternoon.  I am so thankful to have family so willing to help when they can.  We could not do it without them!

Whew!  What a weekend!  We are tired from it all, sore from the chores, excited to see P-Nut but mostly hoping we turn a corner very soon with Little C.

I hope your weekend was more fun and glamorous than ours.  Here's to a great week for us all!

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