Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Updates: Part Deux (and a minor brain dump)

Disclaimer: There will be more poop talk in this post.  If you aren't up for it I completely understand.  I hope as much as you do that I don't have another post of this nature. :-/  Also, I needed to purge some emotional fodder, hence the "brain dump"

No change with C.  None.  Zip.  Zilch.  The only change so far came last night when the poor baby didn't make a single peep and slept straight through to the morning.  The only bummer about that was he woke up with a poopy diaper which he normally would have alerted us to and it just angered the diaper rash to the max.  That isn't great, but I am so very glad that he slept well and got some much needed rest. 

The Pediatrician had me collect stool samples and we are having them tested to see if he has giardia, salmonella, and one more similar to those but I can't remember the name of it.  :( 

Little C has been dealing with this since Thursday of last week with no improvement.  As his parents we have been dealing with this since Thursday of last week with no improvement.  It is very hard on us to have our son so miserable, with no answers as to why and to have exhausted every effort we can think of to make our baby better.  My husband handles all of this stuff much better than I do.  We are both upset by all of it but he can still stay calm and collected.  Me, on the other hand... I'm concerned, stressed, tired, pregnant, hormonal and seriously hanging on by a thread. 

Aaaand que brain dump:

Little C seems to have a stomach related "sickness" at least every 3-4 weeks.  Either its viral with a fever and vomiting, fever and diarrhea, and now this!!  I want to blame daycare for feeding him something bad or not being sanitary but I know that probably isn't rational.  I want to blame the zoo, the park, the grocery store, or some other public spot we take him but how would we ever know if he caught something from those places?!?  Plus... it isn't rational.  I want to blame something or someone even if it is something we did as his parents.  Or maybe he has a weak little stomach or intestines and we need to start testing that.  Or maybe it is food related.  I just want to figure it out!  Why is he always sick.  Is this normal?!?!?!  

As I collected my baby's stool into three separate viles I was feeling like we were getting one step closer to getting some answers.  I got in my car and started driving to the medical center lab to drop them off.  I got a little lost which didn't help my overall mood as I was already pretty down from leaving the house to the sounds of Little C screaming in agony and after an unnecessary dispute between hubby and I (hey, we're only human).  I pulled myself together emotionally and marched my weary self into the lab.  I asked the technician, "So what is the turn around time for something like this?  24 hours?"  She very sweetly and politely said, "no, it will take a few days and we should have results back to your Pediatrician by the end of the week."  I muttered a "thank you" walked out of the lab, got in my car, and... I cried.  Good and hard.  For no other reason than I just needed it.  It didn't help our situation, it wasn't necessary, I know full well that things could be worse and there are parents out there dealing with much, much worse than a stretch of poopy days (figurative and literal.)  But I cried and then I felt better.

So here I am today trying to stay positive but finding it very hard when there is no improvement.  I know he will get better I just hope it happens soon.  Like, now.  (sigh)

On a much, much, more positive note... Baby Girl P-Nut is healthy and doing great!  I know I've told you she moves quite a bit and much more than Little C ever did, but even the ultrasound technician mention how she rarely sees babies as tiny as she is with such strong movement at this stage!  All of her organs look great and we saw some amazing images in 3D of her little mouth and very clearly saw her pouty little lips.  It was a nice moment for the Hubs and I.

So that's it.  That's what I've been up to, how I've been feeling, and now I either need a nap or a shot of whiskey.  But seeing that I have a full work day ahead, the nap is out and the fact that I'm pregnant means the whiskey is out too.


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