Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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One thing that I didn't write about in my weekend wrap-up was the fact that I lost my cell phone before we left for the Broncos game.  It was a total bummer!!  I had a major pregnant brain/mom brain/toddler mom brain/too many things going on at once brain, moment.  I was loading up Little C in the car to take him to his grandparents house and I had made sure I didn't put my cell phone in the diaper bag because I didn't want to leave at their house.  Soooo, since getting a toddler into a car seat is a two handed job I set my phone and the diaper bag on the trunk of my car.  After C was situated I grabbed the diaper bag and proceeded to get in the car and drive off with my phone still on the trunk!!  D'oh!!!

Grandparents house is only about one mile away and I drove the route twice before we had to leave for the game.  No sign of the phone.  We drove the route again after picking C up, no phone. 

Isn't it amazing and sad all at the same time how obsessed with are with our cell phones?  I don't even have a fancy iPhone, I have a lovable, modest Droid that I simply use for texting and as an actual phone.  My stupid camera has been broken on it forever so I don't even use it for pictures and I never really web browse on it.  But I depend on that phone regardless and not having it was't a good feeling. 

Of course I couldn't remember whether or not I have insurance on the dang thing and getting through to a person at customer service to find out took way too long and I gave up after two tries.  I was still determined to find it on the side of the road or in some one's yard so yesterday evening the fam and I walked the route as my final effort to find it.  No luck.

But alas... this morning Hubs had a message on his phone that someone turned mine in at a nearby Verizon store!!  Isn't that awesome!!  I wish I could thank that person and give them a giant hug for being so kind to take my lovable, modest phone into that store.  They seriously saved me money and my sanity.  Both of equal importance to me. ;)  They could have left the phone on the ground and walked right past it.  They could have picked up my phone and kept it for their own.  They probably had to go out of their way to make a stop into the Verizon location to drop it off.  Either way you slice it they did a very good thing as minor as it might seem. 

Now I don't know if it was my karma that led my phone back to me or if it is a sign that I need to start spreading some kindness of my own.  Whatever it may be I hope that kind person gets a major karma payback that is due to them.  I also plan to use this as a reminder to think more about others and how I can help them instead of being so caught up in my own world.  Sometimes I think everyone could use that reminder and then maybe there would be more kindness going around. 

Thank you again, kind stranger!  Now I'm off to do at least one good deed for the day! :)

Have you done a good deed lately or been the product of one?

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