Monday, September 24, 2012

Guess who's feeling better???


We had a great weekend which was in huge part due to Little C being back to his old self!  Saturday we went to a giant consignment sale in hopes to find some goods for P-Nut.  On the list of items were a double stroller, crib, changing table, and dresser.  Sadly, the strollers were in terrible condition, there were no cribs to be had, and one tiny little dresser that looked like it was about to fall apart.  But we did find an awesome changing table that I just love!  It is in perfect condition and has a built in hamper and sliding baskets.  We will be painting it and freshening it up a bit so I will post some before and after pics later.  

Sunday was football day for us.  The Hubs and I had tickets to the Broncos game and we had places to go and people to see!  But before the adults headed out we had to make sure Little C was representing accordingly.  Super cute kid in a super cute jersey...


We dropped C off at his grandparents then we headed off to meet up with some friends for a bit of tailgating. 

There was a lot of walking!  My poor sciatic nerve was not happy as I toted P-Nut all over creation!

Our first stop was this beautiful beast for some BBQ, beers (water for me) and catching up with friends.

Just chillin'

Then we were off to the game!  Just so you know, corralling four relatively UN-sober guys was quite a feat.  It's a good thing I love them to pieces! ;)

This is Hubs signature, "quit taking my dang photo" face. 
Our seats were directly in the sun the entire time.  Thankfully some clouds rolled in later for some relief. 

This is what you get when you say, "seriously Hubs, can you not do your 'quit taking my dang photo face'?" 

Hey Mr. Camera man!  Down in front!! 
I mean, what's more important, hundreds of thousands football watching people on ESPN or my view??

Unfortunately, the Broncos didn't win but we had a fun time regardless!  We were excited to pick up Little C and hear all about the fun he had with his grandparents.  He went to bed early as did we.  Being in the sun all day, walking as much as we did, and cheering and yelling as much as we did had us both wiped!  

Today I'm slightly draggin' my wagon on this dreary Monday morning but hoping for a great week!  Coffee mugs up...  cheers! ;)

Did you have a good weekend?

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