Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 8: A new development and more of the same

So yesterday marked day seven of one very sick baby.  Yesterday he for sure hit his wall.  He is sick and tired of being sick and tired and he is making it very clear.  Of course waking up from his afternoon nap with a 102 fever didn't help much either.  That's right!  He now has a fever on top of everything else.  Why not, right???

Thankfully we were able to reach our Pediatrician after hours to figure out how to treat him.  With his tummy problems are we safe to give him tylenol or ibuprofen?  What we've been told to feed him for the Toddler's Diarrhea isn't what you normally eat if you have a fever or virus.  So what should we do?  We were told it is fine to give him tylenol for the fever which is more gentle on his stomach than ibuprofen and to keep in line with the Toddler Diarrhea diet.

Great!  Now... why does he have a fever?!?!?!  When we asked the Doc this question we felt it was the first time we have ever really heard a sense of urgency on her part.  Finally she is agreeing with us that he is sick with a stomach problem way too often!  Finally she thinks we need to start taking some different steps.  Hallelujah!  Since it was after hours there was nothing that could be done except to comfort our Little C.  He would have moments of lethargy and tears followed by a major burst of energy after his dinner and tylenol and he was cracking us up with his goofy personality and he even started trying new words we've never heard him say before!  Then of course, he crashed like a ton of bricks and although he successfully made it through the night without a bowl movement, he still was up several times in discomfort and needed to be soothed.

So today we wait.  Wait for the Pediatrician to give us the next steps, which seems like it will include an appointment with a GI specialist, and we wait for the stupid lab to get our much needed results to us.  We wait for Little C's fever to break, his diarrhea to improve, and for him to show more glimmers of feeling better. (sigh)

Hubby and I are hanging on by a thread.  All I mean by that is we are extremely exhausted, stressed and concerned.  We are in this together and when the going gets tough that is a comfort.  The stress has gotten to us and we've taken it out on each other unnecessarily at times but goodness gracious does our love prevail!  It hasn't been an easy week but we've survived like we always do and will be stronger for it!

And speaking of love...  A HUGE THANK YOU to our family!  We can't say enough about how thankful we are and appreciative for everything they have done for us this week.  I can't do it justice here.  It has been too much.  We are so blessed...

And to all the tens of you that read this little slice of my life, thank you for your concern and for putting up with all of the complaining, worrying and poop talk.  Here's to hoping we get some answers today and start getting back to normal!  Whatever normal is anyway. ;)   

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