Friday, September 7, 2012

Burning Baby Buns

Little C has a tummy ache.  :(  Not the kind that is accompanied by fever and vomiting so we are VERY happy about that!  Just the kind that has him.. a'hem... going #2 pretty frequently.  And not the normal healthy #2 we all know and love... more like the loosey goosey kind that you get when you have a stomach ache.  Know what I mean?

:: crickets ::

Hello?  You still there???  Did my #2 talk send you running for the hills?  C'mon, stick with me.  Besides... everybody poops! 

So poor Little C has developed quite a severe diaper rash that has him walking like he's been riding a horse for hours on end and sleeping on his stomach and knees with his tushy up in the air.  He's had diaper rashes before but this one is a doozey!  The frequency of which his little body is producing said #2 is causing his poor baby buns to be beet red and chapped.  We were up every two hours throughout the night and each diaper change was a wrestling match as our son writhed and screamed in pain as we attempted to clean him up. 

We took the necessary measures that we have done in the past.  Soaked him in a warm bath before bed to clean the rash area, let him air out before putting the diaper back on, when we do have to change him we rinsed the wipes under water to get as much of the alcohol off of them as possible, and applied super strength diaper rash cream.  We gave him drinks of water in between to prevent dehydration and then attempted to calm him down by rocking and soothed him back to sleep.  It was a long night for all of us. 

This morning we soaked in the tub again and today we plan to pick up some more essentials from the store.  Our research states that a butt cream with aloe is very helpful and I will also get a box of Aveeno Oatmeal Bath which has been helpful in the past.  Most of all we read that letting their little buns out in the open is the best way to heal.  I'm trying to figure out the best way for us to do this...  do we lay a bunch of towels down and let him play around?  He doesn't stay in one spot very long so I picture my nehked little toddler running amok in our house and pee flying all about!!  This will be tough for the control freak in me but I'm willing to give it a go.

Daycare was willing to augment his diet a bit today giving him only water instead of milk or juice, no citrus fruits, and instead of pizza and salad which he was going to have for lunch, they will be giving him bread with soy nut butter.  Their flexibility and attention has been really, really great.  It was hard to leave my little man this morning as he didn't want to leave my side and he was making his signature sad face as I left the room.

He has had a rough week at daycare, which I plan to elaborate on more in another post, and now having him go through this to end it is breaking my heart.  I just called daycare to see how he's doing and the director said they are changing his diaper for the first time since he was dropped of at 7:40am (it is 9:20am now) and it is a loosey goosey #2.  She also stated that he is hysterical because it hurts him and he is uncomfortable.  I know they have what it takes to calm him down and provide him with comfort but man, oh man, it's days like this that make being a working mom tough.

I'm hoping for a fast day and I'm hoping for the Poop Fairy to vacate the premises as quickly as possible and leave my baby alone!! 

Ok.  I'm done with the poop talk now... sorry 'bout that. 

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