Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a rough job...

I got back from my three-day business trip late Friday night.  It was a pretty good conference overall but probably not my favorite to date.  The highlight was meeting my "pen pal" and going to Epcot.  We both felt guilty for about 5 seconds that we ditched our bosses to have our own dinner but then my friend declared, "we deserve this" and the guilt magically disappeared! 

It was hard to be away from Baby Boy, I missed him so much and all I wanted to do was cuddle with him non-stop when I got home.  I definitely got my wish because he came down with a stomach bug and we had a projectile vomit and diarrhea filled weekend which means all he wanted to do was cuddle and be with his mama.

It's amazing how your mama can make everything better when you need her.  Conversely, it is amazing to BE a mama and have the power to make everything better.  There is no better feeling in the world than having my son's head resting on my chest with my arms wrapped around him.  It brings me peace and contentment that I've never experienced before.

I had to miss work today because he is still not 100% and there is no way I'm sending him off to daycare when he isn't at his best.  I'm taking one for the team, you know???  I'm suffering through a day with my beloved Baby Boy as we snuggle on the couch and read books and watch The Lion King.  I'm doing what has to be done even if it means going for a nice long walk to get out of the house and get sunshine on our faces.  I'm putting on my "big girl pants" while I get caught up on my neglected DVR shows while Baby Boy is napping.  I'm just saying... It's a rough job, but someone has to do it! ;0)

Tomorrow it is back to business as usual.  Until then, this mama is right where she needs to be.


  1. How is baby boy feeling?

    Being a working mom is rough, but glad you stayed home. You're right - you were right where you needed to be. *hugs*

    1. Baby Boy is much, much better! He is back in full swing and keeping us on our toes. Never a dull moment but that nice pause I had with him on Monday was very nice and much needed. Thanks for checking in!