Monday, April 23, 2012


I had a great weekend!  I spent all day Saturday with one of my girlfriend's from college and I had the pleasure of meeting her beautiful baby girl for the first time.  Her daughter and my son are two months apart almost to the day!  The weather was too good to be true and we spent the entire day, just us girls and our babies, catching up, walking outside, playing at the park and then enjoying dinner with our husbands.  I hadn't seen my friend since my baby shower over a year ago.  She lives about 5 hours away and that drive involves a mountain pass that should only be negotiated under proper weather conditions.  Although we don't get to see each other very often we still do a pretty descent job of keeping in touch via phone calls and the all-too-easy, Facebook.

It warmed my heart to see my friend as a mom...  We met at Colorado State University when we both worked for the Provost.  We sat next to each other in a small room with two computers.  We started in with the usual "get to know you" banter and before long we discovered many common interests which may or may not have involved some extra curricular activities that may or may not be the kind that you put on your resume.  My motto is, "there's a time and place for everything... it's called college!"  But I digress...

That was ten years ago and we have managed to stay friends all this time.  Of course, life puts space between friendships and there was time that lapsed without any contact.  But we would always pick up where we left off.  That is what real friends do.  They aren't a fad or a product of your environment, true friends weather the storms of life and stick by your side in good times and in bad.  They are there for you to confide in and to chat about life's important topics, because our husbands really can't give us an honest answer when asked,"don't you think Christina Aguillera should cover up her boobs on The Voice?!?!?" 

True friendship should be an effortless, trusting relationship that both people want to invest time in.  It should be nurtured and appreciated.  It should not be judgemental or challenging.  It should be kind but if conflict should ever arise it should be respectful and have resolution.  Friendship should not be a chore, it should not leave you feeling taken advantage of.  It should not leave you drained, it should leave you refreshed!  Friendship should not be one-sided and if it is, you should reconsider that relationship.  Giving will only get you so far... you deserve a little "take" every once in a while.  True friendship should be celebrated and cherished. 

To my dear friend, K and to all of my other dear friends... I love you.  Thank you for your gift, thank you for your time and thank you for all of the memories... yesterday, today and tomorrow too!

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