Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sippy's and Paci's and Milk, Oh My!

We are currently in the process of: 
1) Weaning Baby Boy from his bottle to a sippy cup
2) Weaning Baby Boy from his pacifier
3) Weaning Baby Boy from formula to whole milk

He is currently NOT enjoying any of these three items!  I received a call from daycare yesterday around 2:00pm and all I could hear through Baby Boy's screams of agony was, "he's refusing his sippy and has not had a drop to drink since you fed him at home and I can't get him to calm down... he's been like this for two hours..."  I responded, "well did you give him his paci?"  "No, you said you didn't want us to give it to him."  :: deep breath in... exhale out :: "Actually, what I said was to please try and avoid the paci but if he ever becomes inconsolable or it is evident that he might need the paci do not hesitate to give it to him!"  "Oh, well that's not what the morning teacher told me."

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?  So my son has been screaming at the top of his lungs for TWO HOURS and you are A) just now calling me and B) didn't think to give him his paci?!?!?  Daycare, FAIL.

I'm not mad at the teachers... entirely.  My son is going through a major transition right now.  He is trying to get more proficient with his walking, he will start transitioning from the infant room into the toddler room and that's on top of the three other big transitions I mentioned above.  He is also a precarious little fella that is now pushing his boundaries with us to see what he can and cannot get away with.  He is putting up the biggest fight when it comes to diaper changes or getting dressed, he is feeding the dog from his highchair, he is climbing everywhere that he shouldn't, etc.

What is the hardest for me is that I don't get to help him through these tough times.  I send him off to daycare to let other people work with him.  He trusts me... I should be helping him.  Instead I am at work taking care of a grown ass man, who happens to be my boss, and helping him run his business while anxiously awaiting the big lottery jackpot to come my way so I can afford to be at home with my son.  But that is just me feeling sorry for myself...  I will stop now.

I don't know what else to do for my son.  I have purchased more sippy cups than I ever thought possible because apparently, not all sippy cups are created equal.  We have one that he likes the most and I can no longer find it ANYWHERE!  He will drink water out of a sippy all day long, but formula or milk??? Fuhgetaboutit!  Then there's the paci...  The glorious, wondrous paci that brings parents everywhere relief from tantrums, has the power to calm and soothe a sick or upset baby, and brings comfort when they get sleepy.  I will miss the paci and it's special powers.  But I must be strong and continue on with our mission of weaning Baby Boy now before he get to an age where reasoning with him will be difficult. 

I'm hoping we can just keep trying all of our methods to get him used to the idea that change is a comin'.  But I truly hope he will let us know when he is ready to tackle all of this.  I will not force him to make these changes but I will help him along.  For now... I am getting much more upper body strength as I wrestle with Baby Boy on the changing table, I have mastered putting on his shoes in 10 seconds flat, the dog now has to be separated from him during dinner, I have to leave very detailed and annoying notes for the daycare teachers, and I've succumb to the fact that the beloved paci isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  No biggie.   

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