Monday, March 12, 2012

Operation: Birthday

Baby Boy's 1st birthday is March 31st so we are in full swing with planning and details.  The theme is going to be Cookie Monster, with a few other familiar characters thrown in, but primarily the big lovable blue monster himself.  My son lights up whenever he sees Cookie Monster so we thought it was our best option.

Side note:  That Jim Henson really knew what he was doing!  I mean, a baby that can't even speak yet is so innately drawn to the characters he sees in his books, on TV, on shelves at the store, etc.  Mr. Henson was a genius. Simple as that.

Ok, back to the party.  Thanks to Pinterest I have a few great ideas to make his party a hit.  The only dilemma we are facing right now is whether to have it catered or if we should whip up the food.  We are very capable and love cooking and entertaining but I just don't know if I want to fuss over it.  Know what I mean?

So far, we have been to Target, Kohls, and Babies R Us scooping up any and all Cookie Monster related items for the decor.  We have decided on chocolate chip cookie cupcakes for the guests and a small individual cake for Baby Boy.  We have been having a blast with it.  That's right, I said WE.  My husband is just as excited for this party as I am and we have been enjoying putting it all together.  More to come...

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