Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One small step for man... or is it, One giant step for a small man?!?

"It was the end to a long day.  I had just spent hours on end with my dear Grammy going on a long walk, swinging at the park, playing with all of her toys and napping at my leisure.  She deposited me back at my home base in the early evening.  I enjoyed many rounds of smooches from my parents and our usual banter as they milled about the house doing whatever it is that they do at the end of each day.

We shared a lovely meal of gourmet panini's and soup... well, actually that's what THEY had.  I enjoyed a first course of broccoli and edamame followed by the second course alla pureed "stuff."  I was glad meal time was over because that meant play time with Mom and Dad.

We engaged in many of my favorites... "Mommy's going to get you," peek-a-boo, rough housed with Daddy.  Things were going great.  Then all of a sudden I noticed Mommy was holding my hand and Daddy was across the room reaching out for me.  The look on the poor man's face was longing for me to head his direction.  His eyes were as big as saucers and he was grinning from ear-to-ear...

My heart was pounding... I slowly let go of Mommy's hand... with Daddy in close range I reached out both of my arms and TOOK A STEP... I took one more... then another.  In an instant my Daddy scooped me up into the air, Mommy came running to our sides.  We hugged and laughed (I think Mommy was crying a tad), we clapped and cheered.  Apparently I had done something great if they were reacting this way.  Something spectacular.  Something courageous.  Something to warrant extreme love and affection.  Hahaha. Suckers. I'm gonna do that again!"

 - Baby Boy

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