Monday, March 26, 2012

Operation Birthday (an update)

The countdown to "1" has officially started this week!  The Cookie Monster extravaganza will take place next Saturday.  This weekend was spent getting the house ready and running numerous errands, checking off many to-do's, and hemorrhaging money.  Fun times!

Items remaining for the week are putting together the centerpieces (which are freaking adorable, if I do say so myself), putting on customized water bottle labels, getting Baby Boy a haircut, putting favor bags together, and what seems like many other little details.  Probably my favorite thing remaining is selecting 12 photos to display, one from each month of his sweet little life.  We started over the weekend and it was taking us forever because we kept laughing and welling up as we scrolled through them all.  It will be tough to chose.

Can't believe it's here... my son's 1st Birthday!  Wasn't I just sitting on the couch looking at my husband and saying, "Ummm, honey.  These feel a little different than Braxton Hicks..."  Didn't we just bring him home?!?  Weren't we just jumping up and down because he rolled over and now we are cheering as he walks?!?  Didn't he just look at me with his big brown eyes and share with me his first tiny little smile?  Now he looks at me with his big brown eyes, smiles and says... "Dada!"  Apparently, Mama is very hard for babies to say.  It doesn't really bother me at all... not one bit... I'm cool with it.  {sniff}

I'm so excited for this party!  I can't wait for our family and friends to be with us as we celebrate the most amazing person that I have ever known.

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