Thursday, August 1, 2013

Letter to Little C - Capturing a Moment

Dear Little C,

I wanted to take a second to write you a letter to capture a moment in time...

The past four weeks you have been taking swim lessons at the rec center. Although you are quite the "big boy" these days, you still need to swim with an adult in the pool. So you've had the privilege of swimming and splashing with your dear 'ole Dad.

It has been a great experience for him and I just wanted you to be able to look back on this someday and know how special this time has been for the both of you.

Your Dad would leave work early every Monday and Wednesday to pick you up from daycare. You always knew when it was "swim day" and you would announce to everyone you saw that your Dad was going to pick you up to go swimming! (I think the teachers were happy for Dad to get there at the end of the day because once you get something in your cute little head you have a hard time letting it go) ;)

Then the two of you were off to spend an uninterrupted 45 minutes together. For Dad, no work, no deadlines, no chores, no rushing. And for you, no Baby Sis, no school, no parents telling you "no." Nothing but you, the pool and your beloved Dadeo.

He told me how special this time was for him. As excited as you were for Dad to pick you up at the end of the day, I know he shared the same excitement. He understands that a short, four week swim class may not seem like a big deal, but four weeks of one-on-one time with his son was priceless.

He was so proud of you and sure you learned some swimming moves and made big strides but the truth is, he was simply so proud to with his son.

Yesterday was your last day of lessons and as a special treat the two of you picked up some ice cream and ate it together at the park under the shade of some giant trees. I don't know what you talked about or how it all went and I'm glad that I don't. I hope there are many more times over the years where just the two of you get to spend some quality time together and that your relationship grows in only a way a father/son relationship can.

Pretty soon parent/child classes will be a thing of the past and we will be sending you on your way to try new sports and activities as we watch from the sidelines. We are so excited for the future but honestly, not too eager to get there.

Until then, I so enjoyed hearing from you and your Dad about each afternoon at swim lessons and I was giddy with happiness as you each explained it with the same enthusiasm and pride. You make your Dad very happy, my son, and He's aware that the feeling is mutual.

All my love,

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