Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It's back to school time! Summer break comes to a screeching halt for all the youngins, parents breath a sigh of relief and morning commuters are forced to slow their roll for ALL THE DAMN SCHOOL ZONES!! Arg. I swear the school zones add like 10 extra minutes to my trek into work. But I digress...

On my 20mph drive into work this morning, I started thinking back to my first day of kindergarten. Kindergarten was my jam! I mean, I loved everything about it and I mean EVERYTHING!

For starters I thought I was extremely special because in my egocentric little mind everyone was attending Kendragarten, not Kindergarten. I didn't know why the school system named it after me, I just knew it was pretty cool that they did! ;)

So off to Kendragarten I went wearing a little yellow dress, my hair in a ponytail with barrettes because I always wore a ponytail with barrettes for most of my younger years. My hair was long and I was what my mom lovingly referred to as, a ragamuffin. So ponytails kept my crazy mane at bay.

I had my backpack filled with school supplies that I was just bursting at the seams to break out and start using. My pencil box was probably my favorite thing. It was yellow and had rainbows, letters, numbers, etc. all over it. I know we have a picture of my dad holding me as I proudly displayed my pencil box after buying it. I freaking loved that thing.

All my supplies had my initials on them including every. single. crayon. in a box of 64. My mom was a bit over-the-top with the initialing. I wonder if I will be the same way?

After the requisite "first day of school photo" in front of the house, my mom walked me to Kendragarten with my 2 month old baby brother in tow. I am not a shy person by nature but this experience had me nervous. I didn't know what to expect.

The school was bustling with kids and parents and I remember looking anxiously around as my mom kept making me pose for pictures in front of the tree in front of the school... in front of the brick wall in front of the school... in front the school itself.

Then it was time to head into the class... All of a sudden I heard a voice say, "Kendra!" I turned around and it is one of those exact memories that you never forget. The sun was shining in my eyes so at first I couldn't see who said my name. I could see a parent holding a boys hand. As they walked closer I could finally make out who it was. It was my buddy, Chris! We had been going to the same daycare/preschool since we were both infants and I had no idea he was going to be in my Kindergarten Kendragarten class too! I was thrilled to see a familiar face.

We walked into the classroom and I met my teacher. A teacher that to this day remains my all-time favorite. There was an alphabet circle in the carpet, a play house in the corner, books, numbers, arts, crafts, etc.

I don't remember saying goodbye to my mom. I hope I did it properly because now that I have kids of my own I can tell how hard it must be when your kids get to this stage of their lives. It is a positive and exciting milestone for sure. But they are no longer babies, and from that moment on they embark on a whole new adventure that will bring with it some of their greatest highs and even some major lows throughout their school years. You have to let them go and experience it all for themselves... Like I said, I don't know if I gave my mom a good hug and let her soak it in but I guess that is also part of how it all plays out, right?

And so it began. A year filled with so much fun and learning. I made some great friends, learned so many new songs to add to my repertoire, had a blast in gym class, and I even took my baby brother to show and tell when it was my turn. I didn't want it to end!

When the year was finally over I cried. I cried like a little baby and I didn't want to leave. I didn't want a new teacher and I certainly didn't want to spend an entire summer AWAY from school. My teacher assured me I would like my 1st grade teacher but I didn't want to listen. I was in denial that it was all over.

Of course I got over it and moved on with life but I will always have the fondest memories of my year in Kendragarten. From start to finish it was the best!

Do you remember your first day of Kindergarten? If not the first day, what is your best Kindergarten memory?


  1. No, I don't remember my first day of kindergarten ... I wish I did!

    1. Some days I just wish I could go back!