Monday, August 12, 2013

#12ThingsILoveAboutMe - August

Today's the 12th.

Just thought I'd let you know, in case you are living under a rock. I'm here for you rock dwellers!

Anyways, it is time to share your "thing" for this month. It's time to shout from the roof tops what makes you beautiful! Go ahead, give it a whirl!

Seriously. There ain't no shame in yo game! Own your beauty and silence the negative self-talk. What better way to do that than telling the world why you are beautiful? Don't rely on others to do it, it has to come from within. You have to believe it because I promise so many other people see your beauty inside and out, so it's time you do too.

It can be physical or a characteristic that you love about yourself. Basically anything about you that makes you unique, makes you feel beautiful or that you just down-right love about yourself. Do NOT be shy! You can do it!

This month's "thing" for me:


I used to be so self conscious about them. They are broader than most girls' and I've always felt like a line backer instead of a dainty little lady. My shoulders go beyond where they should in shirts and jackets and if I wear my hair up with certain shirts it just looks all kinds of wrong!

I've learned how to dress my body accordingly and there are times when my hair is up, I'm wearing a tank top and my shoulders look fantastic!

My shoulders are not a flaw. They are beautiful because they make me strong. As a cheerleader I could practically bench-press my peers straight up over my head. I could hurl them through the air and I could always catch them when I needed to.

Now that I'm a mom I have to carry toddlers, babies, diaper bags, car seat buckets, and sometimes ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

I am not a dainty little lady, but I am still a lady. I'm strong, and I'm beautiful and...


What do you love about yourself? Shout it out with countless others here in my comments, or here on Twitter.

Put an end to your negative self-talk and start to love yourself!


  1. Another similarity between us! A friend's father once commented TO me that I look like a linebacker. Not great for a 6th grade overweight girl to hear!

    I love how you took a trait that you used to NOT like and turned it into a positive. Celebrate those strong shoulders, Mama!

  2. At least we are lovely linebackers! ;)