Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Love List

Here is what I am loving today:

1. It's Friday! Duh.

2. This face from the morning...

3. Little C moving up to the "big boy" room at daycare today because his potty training is going so well.

4. Rdio is my new addiction. Waaaay better than Pandora. 

5. This song is on constant rotation in my head.

6. This post about Kanye West as a dad.

7. I'm probably going to be able to get a workout in today. You guys, I've been WORKING OUT! It has been going so well and I have now accomplished the 1st hardest part of it all... getting started. Now comes the 2nd hardest part... sticking with it. Wish me luck! 

8. The extra shot in my Starbucks this morning is wooooorking!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't get to ten things. Shoot!

I may be on a major caffeine buzz right now but my brain is still fried. I'm so ready for the weekend! Is it 5 o'clock yet?

What are you loving today? Any fun plans for the weekend?


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  2. Yuck, you got a spam comment! Booooo!

    Love the list! Yay for Little C! We're not there yet. Munch pees in the potty every now and then. We haven't fully committed to the "big push"--I'm terrified!

    Go you for working out! I always feel so much better when I'm moving some! :)