Monday, July 29, 2013

The Toddler Walk

Lately I have taken notice of Little C's walk. I am seriously in love with it and could follow behind him for miles never tiring of my little dude's saunter. 

His head is always held high. He exudes confidence and seems so proud. Proud of what? As his mom I can name a number of things he could be proud of but I assume by the way he carries himself, he's simply proud to be strolling along to whatever destination he's set for himself at the time.

His shoulders are relaxed and if he isn't carrying something in his arms, those two little limbs are swaying back and forth with lively vigor!

His toddler gait is slightly bouncy and sure-footed. His head is on a constant swivel as he takes in all of the surrounding sights and sounds. My son must know what everything is. We aren't quite on a "why?" streak just yet but more of a "what is that?" streak. He notices everything, and I mean EVERYTHING while he is out in the world. Whether it's a giant big rig barreling down the street or a tiny ant crawling along the sidewalk... Little C will notice it. 

As he walks, the boy also talks... And talks... And talks. Always friendly with people he meets and even when they want nothing to do with him he will still offer a booming, "HI!" to whomever walks by. If you are so generous to stop and engage in conversation with our little toddler then you never know what you may get! Perhaps he will want to show you the robot on his shirt, tell you that his hair is brown, or announce that he goes to swim class with his Dadeo

The conversation is short and sweet and after a simple wave and a loud, "BYE!" he is once again on his merry way walking to his next point of interest. 

The "toddler walk" kills me! Could you imagine if we all walked around with such confidence, inquisitive spirit and friendly demeanor? It would be a much happier world out there indeed. 

Walk on, Little C!


  1. I'm also a big fan of the toddler jump, which H has just mastered and does every chance she gets!

    1. Way to go H!! :) C still can't jump! He tries but has yet to actually leave the ground with both feet.