Monday, December 3, 2012

"You're so big!" - Yeah, well your breath reeks!

Over the weekend the following comments were directed at me:

**I feel I should preface this by mentioning all were said by people 75 years or older at a client event my company sponsored on Saturday. It was a Holiday luncheon for a group of retirees. Oh, joy of joys...
  1. "By looking at you it's easy to tell when your due date is... two weeks ago, right?" HAHAHA!
  2. "You are soooo big. Is it twins?"
  3. Said by an old man as he's holding my hand - "I learned long ago to never, ever, ever, ever, ask a woman if she's pregnant until you can actually see the head crowning!" HAHAHA!
  4. Said by the MC of the event to the entire crowd, with a microphone - "Have you seen Kendra yet?" "Well you won't be able to miss her, she's due any day now!"
Ahhh, the elderly. They get away with saying whatever comes to their ancient, lovely minds. And it's not just them. I don't understand why people feel compelled to tell a pregnant woman how huge she is!

I feel like it's the one time people get to be free with their words without caring about the consequences. For instance, I'd never tell a person how huge their ass got since the last time I saw them. Or to tell a short person how short they are. We never tell strangers that we meet that they have bad breath or that the shirt they're wearing is all wrong for them. But people see a pregnant person and feel compelled to tell it like they see it!

Why? Why tell me how huge I am?!?! It's not a compliment and what am I supposed to say in response? This past couple of weeks I've at least been able to gain a few laughs by saying, "yeah, I just ate too much turkey at Thanksgiving!" Plus, I never know what they truly mean anyway. Are you saying my belly is huge therefore my baby must be huge? When you say I'm "so big" are you implying that just my belly is big or are you also pointing out the fact that my ass, hips and thighs are also gigantic and you are stating for the record that I am big from head to toe?

Because if you are... not. cool.

When you ask if I'm "due any day now" is it because you think I look miserable as if I truly am due any day now? Or maybe is it because you are an OB by trade and you have the power to tell the position of the baby's head or that it is starting to drop?

Either way, just don't.

When you tell me I'm "glowing" am I really? Do I really possess a charming glow with flawless skin and a smile of contentment or are you just saying it because you feel like you have to?

I think telling someone they are "glowing" is a charming comment that should be reserved for someone that is truly glowing. We've all seen it. A person is so happy and fulfilled that they look effortlessly beautiful and you feel compelled to share that with them. That is appropriate and, if you are the recipient of such a compliment, it seems to fit.

Please don't tell me I'm "glowing" if you feel like that is just the thing to tell a pregnant woman. We know how we look and the majority of the time we are feeling anything but "glowy."

I guess my point is, don't tell a pregnant person that they are huge, or big, or ask them if they're having twins, or if their due date is any day now and reserve "glowing" for when you really mean it.

I still have 6 weeks to go people and I swear if someone feels compelled to tell me one more time how huge I am, I just may round-house kick them in the face!

Assuming that I can get my leg that high, or move that fast, or that I really will be so rude instead of simply smiling, putting my hands on my apparently enormous belly and saying in response, "yes, I sure am."  (sigh)

6 more weeks, 6 more weeks...

What is the rudest thing anyone ever told you while pregnant? How do you handle the, "you're so big" comment?

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