Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just like that, the magic is over...

All that build up to Christmas, the hustle and bustle, and then... it's over. No more Christmas tunes on rotation and I'm back to work after four days off.

:: note to self - take the day AFTER Christmas off next year, you fool! ::

We had a really great, and busy, Christmas. Saturday and Sunday was a whirl-wind of errands and chores, then visits from family and friends whom we don't see very often. Christmas Eve we hosted Hubs side of the family at our house which was a very nice day and thanks to our amazing family, this 9 month pregnant gal didn't have to do much at all!

Christmas morning was perfect with the Hubs, Little C and I. Our second year with our little man and our last with just him. :: sniff, tear ::

Then more family and fun Christmas afternoon with my side of the fam. Yesterday evening the three of us crashed hard. C was in bed by 7:30pm and I think Hubs and I were asleep by 8:30pm. Not on our way up to bed, literally asleep!

Little C was quite the character having a ball with his loved ones and enjoying all of the gifts. He is definitely at an age where it became a bit overwhelming at times, but I have to say he was a trooper and I'm super proud of him.

It was such a great four days and I'm left feeling very blessed to have so much family to spend this special time of year with.

Now that it has come to end it is time to gear up for baby!! There are only a few items left on our to-do list and I'm hoping P-Nut "hangs in there" until I have crossed them all off. Two weeks away from my due date!! Holy Crap!

But that stuff can wait. At least until tomorrow, I'm tired. For now I will enjoy reliving Christmas 2012 and how much joy it brought.

We woke up to a White Christmas in Colorado

Little C making his way toward Santa's offerings.

At first he only had eyes for the fire truck. Santa scores!!!

Giving the fire truck a thorough inspection

The Mickey Mouse couch was his second love

A Mickey Mouse couch and fire truck. What more could a boy ask for?

I captured many more precious moments although I'm a terrible mother blogger for not getting any pictures WITH my son. I looked back and I don't have a single image of the three of us. I'll have to take one in front of our tree before we take it down and call it a Christmas photo!

And finally...

He'd had enough excitement for one day!

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday as well and that you were filled with happiness and contentment. And if you're back to the grind like me today, I feel your pain!

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