Monday, July 8, 2013

Reflection and Contentment

The past four days were absolutely perfect. I feel like I often write about, and read about, the struggles, stresses, challenges, and even complaints in regard to parenting in the blogosphere and in the Twitters. There is nothing wrong with that and I think everyone does it with a great deal of exaggeration, humor and as a healthy outlet. We are entertained, educated and find solidarity in it all.

This weekend was all of the opposite. I soaked it in and had an amazing time with my little family. I kept quiet here, I barely tweeted or FB'd, and did my best not to be glued to my phone/computer. I didn't complain or quip about tantrums and difficult toddler behavior. I didn't moan and gripe about early rising (at least not on the Internet). I just let it all happen and lived in the moment.

My kids are amazing.

Yours too? Oh, so you totally get it.

Their smiles, sweet faces, and expressions. Their sticky fingers, the smell of their sunscreen laden skin, and their ridiculously adorable little kid toes.

My toddlers funny phrases, his loud over-the-top enthusiasm for every. little. thing. His need to know, explore and experiment. His repetitive nature and predictability offset by random and spontaneous behavior. His compassion and love for those closest to him and the genuine need to be near his sister as much as humanly possible.

He has a zest for life and innocence that you can't help but appreciate. From sun up to sun down he is all GO and when he finally closes his eyes at night his gentle breath and calm face is positively irresistible.

Then there is my baby. Her smile stops my heart and fills us all with pure joy. Her girly cry is adorable and she only breaks it out when necessary. Her perfectly round cheeks receive only 10,000 kisses a day, as do her fingers, toes, her neck and her hands.

Baby rolls... fuhgetaboutit. Baby blowing raspberries... hilarious. Baby holding my shirt with her tiny little hand and making sweet sounds as we nurse quietly in her room... ACK! I die.

All weekend long Hubs and I would give each other "that look." You know the one... your child does something and you look at your partner with a simple grin on your face and without speaking your eyes suggest how proud, happy, and in love with them you both are.

Over the years I've struggled with the idea of contentment. It could be viewed as settling and not feeling a need for improvement or not welcoming change. But I have changed my outlook with the idea of contentment and I now embrace the idea of it. You may have heard the following quote before:

"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have." - Anonymous

The past four days I was filled with an abundance of contentment as I spent time with my loves. Content with how full my heart is and how happy I am that they are mine.

Did you take time off around the 4th for a nice long weekend? Do you know that feeling of contentment that I'm talking about? It's pretty great, right? ;)


  1. Love this and so happy for your content weekend. They are the absolute best (though they make Mondays that much harder)! I'm trying to BE and not be go go going or trying to figure out "the next thing." An ongoing journey!

    1. I certainly do my share of "on to the next" and striving to improve in a number of areas in my life. Something I feel is an important thing to do. But on the other hand it is nice to pause and realize how much I already have without a need for something better or for more. I just know when it comes to my family, contentment is absolutely the feeling I have.