Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Will My Negative Self-Talk Impact My Son's Self-Esteem?

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Today I'm over at Mile High Mamas talking about how I can be a good role model for Little C regarding body image and self-confidence, in addition to P-Nut. I realized that I had been putting more emphasis on being a good role model for my daughter than I was for my son.

When I came to this realization I felt a bit silly. Why didn't I think of my son? Isn't he going to need me to be a good role model for him as well? There is probably a good deal of research that would explain why I put the focus solely on my daughter at first.

It would be fascinating to me to learn why some of us innately treat our girls differently than our boys. It isn't always intentional and I certainly don't want to favor one gender more than the other with important topics like self-confidence. This concept is something I think I'm going to look into a bit more...

But, I digress.

Today I pose the question to Mamas out there, how do you think your own body image issues and self-confidence impacts our boys? I'd love to hear what you think about the topic!

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  1. I feel like we assume that boys' self-confidence is ingrained. I know that's completely wrong, but I think that's a tendency. We don't think of boys having negative self-talk like girls, but I'm sure they do.

    1. I agree it is the tendency. It's a shame but at least being aware of it is helpful, yes?