Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How do you beat a funk?

The past few days I have not been feeling well. Not sick or anything, just not 100% on top of my game mentally. I was feeling rather blue, stressed-out and cranky.

I blame hormones (because I always do) and after placing blame I have to apologize to my husband, (because I always do). This time however I wanted to stop the madness and figure out how to snap out of my funk. I pondered the question, "what will it take to get me back to my charming, lovable, old self?"

Upon first review I responded, "FUNK IF I KNOW!!" ::snort:: See what I did there?!? hehehe

But then I pulled myself together and took some necessary steps to get myself back out of the funk.

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First of all I had to listen to my body. I had a glorious four-day weekend and with it came a great deal of eating, drinking and being oh so merry. I can't say I was eating very healthy, and I certainly was in "vacation mode" when it came to drinking adult beverages each evening so I could tell come Monday morning that my body had had enough! I'm no spring chicken anymore, people.

So Monday and Tuesday I cleaned up my act and tried to get back on track with eating better and I didn't have any adult beverages in the evenings because it just wasn't necessary. This made a HUGE difference right off the bat but I still was in a funk...

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The second thing I did was take a timeout. I had a gift certificate to get a pedicure and each day of the four-day weekend I kept saying that it was all I wanted to do. I was in desperate need and knew it would be a nice relaxing thing just for me. But lo and behold one thing after another kept popping up and my pedi kept getting placed on the back-burner.

Also, I don't know about you, but I have a hard time leaving both kids with Dad sometimes. Not because I don't think he can handle it because I assure you, Hubs is legit Super Dad. I just feel guilty. Even if both kiddos are on their very best behavior, handling the both of them solo is a lot of work. But when a window of opportunity presented itself on Sunday for me to take advantage of my pedi gift certificate, I jumped on it! Hubs said, "why don't you go get that done," and instead of hemming and hawing over whether or not I should leave, I just quickly said, "OK!" I LET myself go without feeling a shred of guilt because I knew I needed a few minutes away and I knew I would come home feeling so much better.

The funk started to lighten a tad...

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And speaking of "funk" there is the other kind that helped my mood tremendously, MUSIC! I was recently introduced to Rdio and I am looooving it! I can listen to my favorite music all day long AND I'm introduced to new songs I've never heard before which expands my horizons. If there is one thing I can consistently count on to enhance my mood, it is music. 

Funk kept lifting...

Lastly, to really kick the funk to the curb I took inventory of what was stressing me out and put things in perspective. I mentally checked-in with myself and decided which things had my panties in a bunch that I could control, and which things I couldn't. I won't bore you with the details of what I grappled with in my head but I just wanted to share that the exercise worked and I felt much better after this.

Funk was outta here! And I'm back, people!

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? 

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