Thursday, February 9, 2012

One of those mornings...

To all my full-time working moms out there, how do you do it?  How do you manage to juggle all of your demands and keep a smile on your face?  There may not be a simple answer to this as we don't know exactly HOW we get through the day-to-day grind, we just know that we do our best and always make it happen. 

This morning my baby boy woke up much earlier than normal.  He is really good at throwing curve balls and they usually occur right at the time when I am feeling like I finally have a solid routine down.  I finally feel like I've got a handle on things then... POW!!  He mixes it up to keep me on my toes.  Thanks, buddy. 

I usually have a system where I wake up at a time that allows me to shower and get myself completely ready for work.  Then he wakes up and we have just enough time to give him his bottle, let him work out a poo while I am getting the car warmed up and getting his daycare bottles out of the fridge.  Then while the car is warming up (we live in Colorado so the mornings are very chilly this time of year), I quickly get him dressed, get him bundled up in his winter gear and we are out the door. 

All of this is made possible by doing most of our prep the night before.  Do you do this?  The night before is a well choreographed routine between my husband and I.  One person cleans the day's bottles while the other person preps the clean bottles for tomorrow's daycare.  We each get our work clothes ready for the next day all the way down to our underwear.  We have our breakfast, lunches and any snacks planned out for ourselves and they are either stacked and ready to grab in the fridge or they are already waiting in our work bags.  The coffee is prepped and we are ready to rock n' roll!  Then there are days where we have to factor in trash day, bath night, etc.  Phew!  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  That's all after each of us has put in a full day of work and we haven't even gotten to dinner yet or had play time and family time with our baby boy. 

Do you have a similar routine at your house?  Isn't it amazing how we get it all done?!?!  This is just the tedious prep stuff.  I haven't, and won't, even get into all of the stuff that I did at my job during the day!  I'm sure yours is crazy too.

The original point of my post was to share my crazy morning.  But since we are just starting to know each other I felt I had to lay the ground work.  Anyway, my morning:

  • Baby boy woke up 45 minutes early
  • Bottle was given but being that he is 10 months old now and curious about EVERYTHING what used to take 5-10 minutes is now taking 15-20 and you know as well as I do that in the morning while we are trying to get ready for work, EVERY MINUTE COUNTS.
  • Baby boy did not want to be placed in his jumper, did not want his pacifier, did not want to do anything but be held (not an option while I am running around like a crazy person at this point)
  • The jumper was my only option.  He cried basically the whole time.
  • The jumper induced a poo.
  • Upon changing poo, it was discovered that said "poo" was leaking out of the diaper onto his PJ's and now onto his leg and now, my hand.
  • Change was successful, clothes were on, had to go back in the jumper.  Crying ensued.
  • Finished getting myself ready and we were out the door.
  • Forgot we had to stop for gas.
We finally pulled into daycare got baby boy situated.... turned to him as I was walking out the door.... said, "I love you buddy, have a good day!"  Blew him a kiss... he smiled at me with his cute scrunchy face exposing his two bottom teeth, then... he realized I was leaving.  Cute scrunchy face rapidly turned into bottom-lip-quivering sad face.  Then the tears flowed with his stubby little arms outreached for his mama.  The door closed.

"Must. Stay. Strong.... Keep. It. Together." These were the things I was telling myself as I left.  Even though he was a bit of a pill this morning all of that was washed away and I wanted to call work and tell them I wouldn't be coming in because my baby boy didn't want me to go. 

It is so hard.  Working and being a mom.  It's tiring, it's draining, it's intense.  But it is my life.  It is what is best for my family.  I will keep doing it, keep making it work, keep doing the best that I can because that is all I can do.  Will it get better?  Will leaving him at daycare get easier?  How do YOU handle it?

Keep up the good work.  We are in this together and we are in good company.  Coffee mugs up... CHEERS!  Let's make it happen again today!

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