Thursday, February 16, 2012

If I could go back in time...

...I would hunt down myself before having a baby and any time I would utter the words, "I'm soooo tired," or even the overly dramatic, "I'm exhausted," I would slap myself upside the head!!  I didn't even KNOW what tired was before having a baby and I should have just kept my stupid mouth shut!

Baby boy is sick with a relentless cough that is preventing him from sleeping through the night and, in-turn, prevents hubby and I from sleeping through the night.  We are on day two and I am hoping it is getting better.  We belong to a wonderful pediatrician practice that believes in a "holistic" approach.  I was very impressed by it at first but then my baby started daycare and he is ALWAYS sick.  When the doctors say, "we aren't going to prescribe him anything, you are just going to have to stick it out."  I want to tell them that it is just fine if THEY want to come to our house and "stick it out" with our crying, sleep deprived, fussy baby, then go to work all day just to come back home and do it all over again... by all means, come on over! 

I don't want to give him medications if it isn't necessary but I hate having him be sick.  Especially because he is a daycare baby and we only get a few healthy weeks, and sometimes, only days in between the sickness.  Just one more thing to make me feel guilty for working full-time! (sigh)

Now I have to suck it up and attempt to be productive at work when I am thinking of my poor coughing mess-of-a-boy at daycare with all the other coughing messes of babies.  "I think I can, I think I can..."  Must tackle the action items, must show boss I am focused and definitely must figure out a way to go back in time and shake the s$@% out of my former self! (name that comedian)

Coffee mugs up... Let's make it happen again today!! :)


  1. Just received a call from daycare... Baby boy has temp of 101 and needs to be picked up. Boss isn't pleased but "understands." Have I mentioned yet that he DOES NOT have kids. He doesn't even like to be around kids. Anyway, I'm off to comfort, soothe, and love my sweet baby. Hope you all have a good day! Stay healthy!