Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Boy's Valentine Adventure...

Today is a very special day; at least that is what I am told.  My mama said I am her “Valentine” and she proceeded to smooch me AT LEAST a dozen times this morning.  I thought I’d humor her and reciprocate the gesture… 

She was very happy and told me I’m her, “handsome boy.”  C’mon Mom, don’t make me blush!

Then I was off for another fun-filled day at daycare. (I really am excited here.  Can’t you tell?)    

Upon arrival, I made my usual rounds saying hello to my buds.
“Hey, man!  How’s it going? I’ll see YOU at snack time!”

Then I began to look around the room and I noticed that all of the girls were dressed in pink and had hearts on their shirts.  That’s when I knew… I would have some choices to make! I needed a Valentine to call my own. It shouldn’t be too hard.  I mean… just look at me!

I started with proximity…  She seemed nice enough.

But she was going to play hard to get… At first she didn’t even look my way.

So I did the next logical thing… I picked up some blocks and banged them together in an effort to entice her with my musical prowess.  

Still nothing.  I decided we were better off as friends.  Then… as if out of nowhere, I felt a gentle breeze.  I looked behind me and there she was… 

I pulled out all my moves… Showed her my killer smile.  Shared with her my impressive range of single-syllable “words.”  You know, “ga,” “ba,” and my all time favorite, “da-da.” I even ever-so-gently tucked a blonde tuft of hair behind her perfect ear.

Could this be the Valentine I’ve been searching for?

   Yes it was! 

As I sit back and reflect on my attempts at finding love I only have this bit of advice for you… go for the girls that can’t crawl yet.  It’s like taking candy from a…

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my loved ones!

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