Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"I see you more than my own husband!"

... said the Pediatrician as she entered the room yesterday.  Her comment pretty much sums up the winter we have been experiencing with our baby.  Yesterday's post is down-right laughable at this point...

A few hours after writing it I received a call from daycare that Baby Boy was covered in a rash.  Seriously?!?!  He was just feeling better.  We just had a wonderful weekend and I was looking forward to a stretch of healthy days. (sigh) 

Diagnosis? "It's hard to say when it comes to rashes."  At least food allergies have been ruled out based on how the hives looked to the doctor.  She thinks the virus that he had is still running its course through his little body.  She said there is nothing we can do for it at this time, she wrote a "clearance" note for daycare, and said to call if they get worse.

Fast forward to this morning... They have doubled in size, amount and color.  Hubby is on the morning shift since I had to leave work early yesterday and I will probably have to relieve him some time this afternoon.  As if I don't feel bad enough for my sweet baby, I also feel guilty for continually asking by boss for time off to tend to my sick baby.  Who is often a sick baby because I have to work full-time and he is in daycare full-time.  The stress and guilt pull very hard at me.

Regardless of my feelings the number one thing is to get my son healthy, attempt to stay focused and driven at work so my boss stays happy, and to put my faith into all of those people (doctors included) that keep promising me that Baby Boy is building up his immune system and it WILL get better.  I sincerely hope they are right.

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  1. I hear you on the guilt and stress. Ugh, but he will get better!